Sunday, January 17, 2010

Eternal Enigma

Always an enigma.

flatter, flutter, words, eye-lashes
beckon, beguile, looks, smiles
indulgent, innocent, cooking, demanding
generous, gregarious, charms, gifts
unrestrained, unabashed, caring, flirting

prolonged, perceptible, quiet, distant
unanswered, unacknowledged, calls, changes
rising, realising, aloofness, distress
frequent, foment, ignore, bore
insipid, impede, meetings, passions

A whiff of that, a hint of this
Always an enigma, She is.


Anonymous said...

Nice theme :)
the poem was becoming more of a GRE book.. so couldn't ready anything but the last 2 lines :P

obelix said...

tons of adjectives.

Argentyne said...

If there was a 'likes' button similar to facebook, I'd have done that :)

Just one question though:
indulgent, innocent, COOKING, demanding?? Cooking?! Mins what?

Also methinks you should give explanation as to how passions fits in with that line. Vot?

mythalez said...

@lifeizlikethat, hehe come on, most words are simple enough!

@obelix, there are almost equal number of nouns and verbs :P

@argentyne, indulgent cooking; innocent demands; impeding passions ;)

Vandana said...

Awe-some, me, Legend-ary, impressed

deep said...

:O.. nice one.

Anonymous said...

loved it..

awesome play with the nouns and the verbs.. there were many ways I could interpret this :)

Su said...

I see that you are praising me here. Nice try at throwing ppl off with a she instead of a he

thread said...

did u just pick random words out of a dicionary?

mythalez said...

@vandana, commenting in the spirit of the post eh :P

@deep, thanks but why the shocked expression?

@kunal, hehe

@Su, unique and strange interpretation u have :P

@paccha, thesaurus :P

deep said...

for obvious reasons..:P