Monday, September 14, 2009

print .. bind .. submit!

so, after 20 days, we revisit the thesis process.

in the meantime, that is, while Nr was reading the thesis version, i was busy doing other things, also going to Cyprus, attending a conference, presenting a paper, enjoying the calm sea and so on. and i return today to find his commented version on the desk.

and no real comments! even the abstract which i expected to be mauled had only one word-change suggested! working on these comments took less than 30 mins. and I was ready with the thesis version to be submitted!!

ofcourse, i had skipped writing the "acknowledgements" section until now. even Nr pointed out that atleast something should be written there ;). and so i manufactured one in a hurry and voila!

here we are, with the ready pdf .. for 5 copies to be printed, bound and submitted!

and that will be done tomorrow ..... !!!!!


Yaso Vardhan said...

cool !

mothaniki nee Phd 3 papers .. 6 conferences laga ayipoyinatlundhi :P

deep said...


kunal said...

mubarak ho Doctor sahab :)

btw, the captcha says "readit".. so I assume you just wrote it, and never read it.. :P
read it once before submitting, says your blog captcha!

Shiben Bhattacharjee said...

no shitting, thats fucking crazy and awesome!
my ms aint over yet, lame!

thread said...

congrats dr bird.. hope the crappy thesis posts end here

meghna said...

Congrats :)

Sayesha said...

Congrats!!! :D

mythalez said...

@yaso, 3 papers 6 confs? don't you think it is the other way round :P

@deep, thanku thanku

@kunal, will have to read it eventually for preparing for the defence. but don't worry all versions of it have been carefully read and scrutinised by the examiners :P

@shibuuuuuuuu, :D

@paccha, yes no more tracking :P

@meghna, thanku thanku :D

@sayesha, whoa never expected to see you here! thanku thanku !!