Sunday, August 12, 2007

Have a Break! Have a 'Chit-Chat'

On account of the notorious author of this blog suddenly taking a dislike to the atrocious colour combinations on display here and the unexplained unwillingness on his part to put down the several ideas that have been incessantly popping into his head, mythalez's blog has decided to take a break from its tyrannical author and remain stagnant for a while. Yeah, it could have done so without announcing it's sabbatical in this way, but it didnt want the readers to imagine that the author hasn't yet awakened from the dream-mare described in the previous post.

A preview of the posts that should have been written (in random order):

a. Philosophical discussion about the stupidity of bravery in anecdotal form
b. A short 'senti-sweet' story about a small working boy and his wish
c. A short nonsensical story that tries to masquerade as a supernatural horror
d. A verse that actually tries to follow some rhythm
e. The significance being shown by the British regarding the 60 years of independence of India and Pakistan through shows on Tv, photo exhibitions et al.
.. and many others which the author doesn't even remember anymore :-s

Friday, August 03, 2007

My thrilling futuristic Sci-fi DreamMare

I woke up early morning at 8am! As it is against my existential principles to be awake before it is compulsorily required, I went back to sleep. And what a sleep I had!

I was transported to some strange place. It was teeming with people, all of whom seemed as clueless like me. We were on some built up area crisscrossed by several roads. The roads didnt have any traffic. There were just people everywhere and they all looked scared. There were some loud noises continuously badgering our ear drums. Just then a huge truck came into sight and moved slowly on the road. It was really really huge, must have been two stories high and as long as a decent train. The people around me screamed and ran helter-skelter. I followed their cue and hid myself too behind a big box (what it contained I didnt know and hence shall never know!). Apparently the truck was dangerous. There were some human like creature on top of the truck, but since it was too high, I couldnt distinguish them properly. The truck went by and the people re-gathered.

I realised I was in the middle of a futuristic drama. The world has suddenly come to something and now the humans like us are battling for their lives. But, it wasnt clear as to what the problem afflicting the world was. I continued my walk with the hoard of people. We were now walking over lush green lawns spanning the length from the buildings to the roads. I had some small conversations with the people around me. The substance of those conversations escapes my memory now, so lets assume they were insignificant. The only conversation I remember was with a girl who informed me that there were some weird beings who have descended upon the world and scaring the poor peaceful humans. From other conversations, I gathered that it was being blamed on evolution.

Suddenly, the truth dawned on me. Yeah, it was as bright as the sun. And I have no clue where it came from to enlighten me with its revelations. Now, that I knew the truth and the reason behind all the strange happenings, I had to let the others know. So, I asked the people to gather in a huge room in the nearby building. As we were collecting all the people, the girl with whom I had talked earlier, slowly emerges from some dark corner. And, she looks shocking! Her face was bland and featureless i.e no eyes, ears, nose, eyebrows, mouth etc. She was walking towards us like a zombie. People noticed her and ran screaming towards the building. I did the same too but without the screaming, ofcourse. Thus her appearance made our job much easier. No, I dont know what happened to her next. We were all inside the building and she wasnt. Inside I gave the following speech:

"I hope you all know about the theory of evolution. Yeah, yeah I know some of you argue that its all rubbish and that it was God's design and it was he who left the clues and the fossils etc. However, any self-respecting scientist believes in evolution and lets go by their word. However, the more important question is how is the evolution going to continue? Till now it has been a specialisation process. That is, as the living beings have become more and more developed, the cells constituting them have become more specialised in their functions. Earlier, the amoeba had one cell which did everything, but in our body for e.g, the liver cells do completely different functions as compared to the brain cells. Now, this evolution process can continue specialising, or it might have reached the 'evolution peak' and now started on the downward slope and hence start generalising. Yeah, consider the evolution to be a normal curve, and after reaching the peak of specialisation, it will start generalising again to end up back where it started.

This generalisation process should be as slow as the earlier specialisation one. However, something seemed to have catalysed the process and made it extremely fast. Hence, the humans are now becoming weird! The girl that we ran away from- her face has generalised. Therefore, there are no particular features like nose, eyes or ears but one whole face which does everything! "

Yeah, then it was time to wake up. I woke up and realised that I was just part of an interesting sci-fi thriller and was actually playing the lead role :D. However, what put me in a conundrum was whether to call this a dream (I was saving the world!) or a nightmare (what with faceless zombies running around)?

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Palace Serenity

Restless with tired heart beats,
I arrive at 'Palace Serenity'
Craving for silence, pristine
away from the stark routine
away from the 'suffocacity'.

Lost amidst the tall thick trees
the building creeped into sight
covered with creepers, vine
manned by staff, numbering nine
seldom permitted in, any light.

Welcomed by manager, eager eyes
a smile disguising the smirk within
the bellboy, gloomy, dark as the air
the room, unfriendly and very bare
the palace had secrets, hidden in.

The sun deserts me, darkness lies
the dinner served, bland tasteless
five other guests around, a couple bickering
another courting, and a drunk stumbling
I see myself here lost in wilderness

Late night, howling winds, animal cries
Outside I walk, searching for my sleep
Deathly moonlight shows me the way
Up ahead, a moor mystic, shining lay
I walk around, making a complete sweep

A figure, crouched behind a rock, hides
I approach slowly, making no sound
Covered by the shadows, indistinguishable

PS- I was writing this sometime in april, but had to leave it midway to attend to some 'urgent matters' (which I dont remember now :D). Never again got the mood or the 'inspiration' to continue it. Hence, I post this incomplete poem ... after all .. not everything needs an end, right?
For the unobservant, do notice the strange rhyming scheme: abccb adeed a...