Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Disjoint verses

Skimming through the list
ticking off names one after other
hoping to find atleast some one
to call at this ungodly hour


Carrying my bags, at a great pace
straining my hands, with no solace
opening 3 locks and their attached doors
I enter my room and untie my shoe lace :D


Spewing out words, with no target
chewing my thoughts, having no regret
I wonder whether I had earlier lived
or me and my life, we just met?


I thank S for his little wonderful verses
and I thank V for his online company
and to appreciate VS for his poems
I do not find words worth any.

S=Sreejith, V=Vidit, VS=VikramSeth :D


playboi said...

and i thought V is me :(
go i wont read ur posts anymore

Simeen said...

very good ones da, loved the first one. Please keep up the standard! :D :P

tipo said...

hey, re-add the feed in the blogroll..everytime I visit the blog, i see 2-3 new posts. I ain't complaining cus its good time-pass

mythalez said...

@playboi, you!! u think i wud thank you for all the spamming that keep doing???

@simeen, thanku thanku ^:)^ shall try my level best ;) and u can identify with the first one eh? :P

@tipo, I tried that once .. but blogroll doesnt seem to be able to handle beta-blogger feeds .. anyways its better this way :)

Sreejith said...

I agree with simeen on the first one. Totally relate to that feeling. But you didn't have to strangle the second with the shoe lace :P

Btw, great many thanks for the undeserved praise :)

Sreejith said...
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