Monday, February 25, 2008

a facade again

something thats going on
where how why and when
I know not of these all
but I know it is all wrong

louder, louder it goes on
cries unheard, ears deafened
I close my eyes to see the dark
I seek the quiet to hear the song

tear the mask I always don
see through me at the real am
I am afraid, but I show it not
am alone, though people among

scared to open, I simply con
but you know me to see truth
I will never ask for it ever
but you better help me along

Saturday, February 16, 2008

tag post after a long time !

thanks to AG/CC, one of the few who actually gets me to do tag posts ... here we go:

10 things I miss in my life (in no particular order)

= being able to disappear, yet have company
= not having to wear shoes every time I step outside
= Indianised chinese food, hyderabadi food, the yummy breakfast of dosa, idly vada .. you get the point!
= being surrounded by friends, every hour, every day
= seeing only familiar faces all over the campus, being recognised by everyone.
= the 18 hours sleep days at home
= hot awesome vadas every time I go home in the mornings
= a head that is without a constant blabbering voice inside it
= the incessant urge to read books, newspapers .. everything
= pure simple ecstasy, for no reason

10 things I want to achieve in a decade from now:

= learn to drive and then an awesome convertible and long drives
= to have dabbled in various professions successfully
= visit Antartica
= a wonderful companion (achieve? :-s)
= a book of fiction
= learning to not do the "run away from people and then feel lonely" routine
= look strong enough that people finally stop asking me to eat and eat
= have a farm house to go to, whenever I feel like escaping the madness
= Be busy enough for long periods of time, so that I am finally forced to start making schedules
= do atleast one impossible thing

while it was very easy to come up with the things I miss, it took me a lot of time, to cobble up 10 things I want to do in the next 10 years. Not so surprising, considering that I am not the future-plan-making type.
And I tag:


Saturday, February 09, 2008

Even Old

23 + 365 = 24 !!!


as Pati would say, 24 = 25 - 1.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


broken walls, bricks astray
blocks wind no more
pebbly stream, scanty water
fallen bark stops flow

clouds gather, deny rain
trees flutter, deny fruit
standing there all alone
worries about no show

shifting weight, legs protest
twitching shoulders abreast
worried eyes betray fear
waits she furrowing brow

darkening sky, gloomy night
no shining armour, no knight
abandoned at the altar?
oh no! what a huge blow!