Monday, October 06, 2008

long long ago ... time went by .. it still does

¬ helplessly track wisps of memories floating away into oblivion. try to pull them back, only to find them burst into nothingness like shiny soap bubbles of a mirage.

¬ seen the face almost every other day for four years. exchanged the hi's, the views, the enthusiastic discussions, money, food and assignments. never said a good-bye, but never talked again. see the name in the chat-list everyday, but can't be bothered to message. wonder whether you really knew the face and the name.

¬ ought to message a regular, but the fluctuating list manipulates you into sending the message to someone you rarely conversed with over the past two years. and its awkward. after the standard hi's and the protocol based "how are you? am fine!" exchange, both fall silent. there is nothing to say to each other. the lives are completely different and completely out of touch with the other. the fact that these same lives were closely intertwined just a couple of years ago, holds no significance.

¬ then, there are those kind of persons you meet daily, exchange jokes, talk the general topics and forget about as soon as you walk past them. and sometimes wonder how little you all know about each other. thus, making it certain that once you leave the place, none of them will ever feature in your memories and neither will you in theirs'. yet another addition to the acquaintance links that will quickly wither away.

¬ and finally, there are those that frequently appear in your mind. you recollect all the good times you had, perhaps the not so pleasant ones too. but you are amazed at how they don't exactly seem to remember most of it, making all those memories little imaginary moments of your own mind. you might still meet them regularly, but how can that matter?


Anonymous said...

Hmm.. quite rightly said, putting words to the thoughts of everybody, There are some people, I just stopped talking and now even if I think about it, I can't somehow can't force myself to do that..

Btw wat do you mean by the tag "atmos"?? Atmosphere????

Anonymous said...

brilliantly written Rama... could so relate to it...
you forgot one kind, the one whom you ping after 2 years, and you are still on the same frequency :)

Anonymous said...

wow, nicely put!
especially the last para..

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well put and we could so very relate to it :)

mythalez said...

@himank, atmos -> atmoshpere -> environment -> surroundings etc :P

@kunal, well those kinds needn't be written abt .. instead can be chatted with :P

@anonymous, :)

@karan, :D

Dreamcatcher said...

The people you meet each day and don't know much, it's just like the tip of an iceberg, isn't it?