Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wonder .. maybe? .. never!

She wondered whether she was all alone.
Surrounded by people, ignored by them all
She wondered whether she even existed
or maybe life was just a mirage enthrall?

Maybe there were universes simultaneous
in which she reigned like a king?
Where she was of prime importance
to every bird worthy enough to sing.

Maybe there exists another dimension
Where the sight of her was valued more
more than anything the earth could conceive,
where every nuance of her could come to fore?

"Ouch", she cries, imbalanced by a dash
she looks up to find the pretty boy oblivious
immersed in his petty phone conversations
and not even an apologetic glance, vis-a-vis.

Bending down to tend the hurt ankle,
she lets out quite a few profanities
and the other boy who had been eyeing her
averts his attention to nicer speaking entities.


Balakrishna said...

Who're you writing about :) ? You're really good at this, maybe you should make a career out of writing :).

PKV said...

ahan :p

crazy said...

Nice nice ... ;)

Anonymous said...

very well written ! :)

mythalez said...

@balakrishna, who? no idea :D .. career eh .. hmm :D

@sage, ahan :P

@crazy, crazy crazy nice :D

@anonymous, thanku thanku .. u cud leave ur name when u r appreciating u know :D