Sunday, February 18, 2007

Dont worry, you are at the right place!

Dont be alarmed. No one has taken over this webspace. It still belongs to mythalez :D.

Whee ... i have done it!! I have finally done it. That day had finally come. That day that I miraculously had the energy and the mood and the patience to change the look of my blog! After two and half years, my blog dons new clothes .. urm ... colours :D. Choosing the right colours turned out to be more of a pain than I expected it to be.

Some acknowledgements are in order. Thanks to the sage and the coolcat for their comments on the colour combinations and the sumanth (for lack of a better nick-name) for the pic.

Friday, February 09, 2007


J'ai vingt trois ans

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Gently down the stream

Bubbling over the water
joyously I scream
I just wanna go
gently down the stream

I am made of paper
recycled times thirteen
I just wanna go
gently down the stream

Shaped by a miniature hand
slender fingers of a queen
I just wanna go
gently down the stream

There is a rock in front
covered in moss green
I just wanna go
gently down the stream

I slowly slide beside it
glowing brightly in its sheen
I am happily going
gently down the stream

I surge ahead blithely
moving into the unseen
I just wanna go
gently down the stream

Thursday, February 01, 2007

In search of life!!

I was just 8 years old
I was tired of myself
I left my safe home
yeah, I was quite bold

Just at the end of the street ,
I was stopped by a police man.
He enquired where I was going
and why I was being so discreet

I told him I left my home
that I am exploring the world
that I am searching for 'life',
in this endeavor, I am all alone

He let out a smile and let me go
I finally reached the public library
I enquired for books about life
but they laughed! they had none, sorry!

Annoyed and helpless, I set out again
I walked my way to the railway station
I bought a ticket for the last destination
and with high hopes, boarded the train

The train went on and on and on
I asked for 'life' at every station it stopped
they smiled, laughed or looked amused
but 'life', they had no supply! at all none!

But, I did enjoy that train journey
the scenery was awesome, marvellous
with every passing hour and station,
my quest was growing weaker, very very

Finally we reached the final station
I was tired, I wanted rest, wanted to sleep
my wish to search for 'life' disappeared
exhausted I was by this peregrination

No, no! my voyage wasnt in vain
I enjoyed the journey, I had fun
later, I even realised what 'life' was,
It was in the journey, it was the train :)

ps - I have no clue why I wrote this :D .. yeah even my yahoo/gmail current status is 'clueless'