Sunday, January 30, 2005

Two sleepless days for Codecraft

So, the day has come. Threads is going to start today. And start in a big way. Hopefully. So, this is morning. The whole night was spent in deciding and redefining the questions. Also went to Nift fashion show yesterday evening. Well, the brouhaha was okay, but i seriously did not quite understand the concept of the fashion as they defined it.
Coming back to Threads. I hope no hiccups would be encountered. Codecraft starts and ends today. Just finished its questions. Cache-in starts tomorrow. Yet to write its story. And nothing much done regarding the other events, which are going to follow these.
A very very very busy and hectic and other such synonymns...week ahead. :). What with Threads starting today and Felicity in a few days, not to mention my perenially stuck project. Have started regarding Felicity and Threads separately these days. Though i had vehemantly opposed the idea of having a separate techfest this time, i think it would be better to have them separate next year. Threads seems to have found its niche. and looking after the techfest is no easy job. Learnt it the hard way. Time to have some breakfast. The sun too has shown his face now.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Rain rocks...

Well, rain really rocks. It feels good to smell it. It feels good to hear it. It feels good to experience it. I do not dread getting wet in the rain. But the irritating part is that if i do get wet, i also almost go blind. All i can see would be blurry shapes. Blurred due to the water playing on my glasses. When will they invent water-repelling glasses ?
Today has been quite a leisurely day. I could even watch a movie: I, Robot (had stored it on my pc for almost half an year now :D ). This leisure is not due to any luck or something of that sort. Its not that i had nothing to do. It was more like i was not capable of doing anything. Didnt have the strength. Just a few discussions related to Threads.
The first 'Threads' poster adorns my wall. It also has the distinction of being the first poster to be put up anywhere. That is the first poster of this year's Felicity which also includes Threads.
Whenever the weather is good like this, with nice cool wind and a rainy scent garnishing it, i feel like going for a walk. But i dont want to go for a walk alone. It gets too boring. But none of my regular walk-mates are around. :(
I have been checking the mail from the afternoon but havent recieved a single one. I think i now qualify as that pc-freak that innumerable internet jokes make fun of. The first thing i do on getting up in the morning is check mail! Before even my eyes are barely open. The first thing i look at when i enter my room is the monitor screen. I think the only time i spend away from a computer is when i sleep. Even that sleep time is decreasing now. But strangely when i go home every weekend, i stay away from anything even remotely equivalent to a pc for a whole day. Yet, i am not reminded of a computer then. Not even once. I guess, my going-home routine helps me stay sane. To think that i hadnt even used a computer a couple of years back. Really, home recharges my batteries because all i do at home is sleep, eat, sleep, sleep, eat and then sleep again. :)
But, when i have a vacation, that is on a longer stay at home, i start missing my room. Not my pc. But my room! I guess i miss the independence that it gives me rather than it's walls and windows.
Well, i looks like i am pretty settled currently. With this room, my home, this computer and my life as such. But it will all change again in a couple of years. A new begining has to be made again.
Something new is what makes something interesting. Anything perennial is boring. But change is what is most feared. Why? Because we fear the unknown. Everyone walks into a new territory apprehensively. Slowly or maybe immediately they get used to it and again start being wary of change.
But something new is what makes something interesting....

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Intentionally left blank...

...courtesy _Su_.
I dont want to crib. I dont want to comment. Neither do i want to sleep. Hence i blog.
There are two types of people. One boasts, the other cribs. I guess there is a third group which does neither, but we are ignoring them since we have nothing to write about them. Well nothing to write about the these two types either. So we abandon this train of thought. A train that was speeding into the abyss. So waiting at the station now, waiting for another train. As usual, the train is running late. I guess if its even running at all. Must be snoring somewhere i suppose. Well, to catch a snoring train, we will need to snore too. Bed, bed wher art thou?

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Perennially exhausted..

what is going on? i know. Threads and Felicity are eating up a lot of my time. For the ignoramous just check out . Any rest of time, i am being left with is gone in a whoosh. No idea where it runs away to. Another project is starting now. The most tough part about a project is to decide the project. Especially when there are no options, when you are expected to come up with the problem statement. A problem statement that no one had thought of before or has not solved before. Lost in all this, i neglected my most important thing. That is my rescue project. Less than a month now to its deadline. And a load of things to do. And the coming days are not going to be any less hectic. Where am i going ??
Atleast have been able to read newspaper these days. Thankfully. So, why did India refuse foreign aid? Was it right in doing so? Well, if we are giving aid to Sri lanka, Maldives etc, then that surely means that we are quite capable of aiding ourselves.
Dean's list released. I thought they had totally done away with it. As is said, Better late than never.
Am i seriously going to hoist the flag? Its actually scary. I was actually bewildered when i heard that. Actually did a double take. On the phone. It went like this -

Her - Invite you to come on the republic day..
Me - Oh sure! teacher...
Her - to hoist the flag..
Me - I ll be comingggggggg
Me - what! did u say hoist ?
Her - Yes, hoist the ....
Me - hoist!!!
Me - what ??

And then she explained the concept which was calling the alumni (illustrous i hope) for hoisting the flag during the Independence and Republic Days. Wow! Hoist the national flag indeed! I dont know from where my school gets these ideas. As if this wasnt enough, she added that i also need to address the students.
Address the students!!!! What!!! I was getting scared by the minute. She tried to reassure saying ," nothing much just a few minutes, no need of any worked upon speech or anything. "
Worked upon speech indeed...
I left the matter there, will think about it later....
Oops got to go now, a lot of work ahead. Need to meet someone now.
When will the day come when i wont have anything to do? Not soon. Not soon at all :((

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Well, i spent a few minutes trying to think of a title in vain. Guess that dots will have to do. So today or rather yesterday was the day that i wrote three back to back exams. Cool eh? Actually the exams were cool since any reading was not required to answer the questions in any of the three tests. And then went out of the institute at aruond 5 only to return after midnight. Hunting for Sponsors and then off to a movie. a bad decision actually (with ref to the movie). So you find this tired and drowsy guy with eyes burning (not with anger :D) trying to write a post so that one more is added to his blog.
Now again, am having to think what to write...yawn. A very boring post.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Want to write a long post...

But what should i write in it? Nothing much. Rescue everywhere. One side, is the institute's initiative to help those disaster victims and on the other hand is my rescue project which is in dire need of a rescue operation. I am a witness to my friend's desperate efforts towards collecting money from the students to donate for relief fund. Of the hundred in our class, just more than fifty have contriuted, each an average of around 150. And this high figure of 50 has been achieved due the untiring efforts of my dear friend who used to remind any and every person he met that they are yet to contribute towards the fund. And in the morning he barged into my room and gladly announced that our batch's contribution exceeded 10K. 10K? Just? That would translate to 100 per person! But then again, there are many reasons from the other side mainly that the parents have done their bit etc etc. And its true too. I think anyone would think twice before dontaing their parents money just like that. Thankfully i didnt have to think in similar lines. But then again, maybe the people can contribute by not utilising the money that they generally use it for. Eat in the mess or dont eat at all instead of going to the restaurant and splurging. And i have found that those who havent contributed are mainly those who do the above. Well, the same argument can be held against Felicity. So, my argument is totally wrong. Because i cant forego Felicity. No way!
As regarding the other rescue, well this post needs to end here since i need to start the rescue operations. :)

Friday, January 07, 2005

It really sucks

When u find the normally cheerful faces looking around blankly engulfed in deep musing. The worse part is that you dont know what to say. No way of consoling them since you have no idea how they must be feeling. You cannot console them because it is not their fault. Nothing feels normal. All that you can do is maybe stand around giving silent support. The questions that rose in my head were, should i discuss about the matter with them? No, it would only add to the pain. So, what should i do? Nothing as usual

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Just Blogging

Writing a post now because i felt it would be better than finding out what is an Interval Tree, what is an Segment tree and how they would be useful to solve the assigment. Yeah, assignments already. Lots of them. What the difference then? Nothing. Its always the same.
Threads. The name of the College techfest which is part of Felicity (the annual IIIT techno-cultural festival). Sent a mail to students asking for people interested in organising any events for Threads. Many seemed extremely interested. Hence i got just 25 replies out of 800 students. Tch tch. Well as if that large number is not sufficient, most of them want to organise only the top two online events!! As if the other events didnt exist. Anyways, an hours hard work paid off and most of the events are now proud of their organisers. Just that, i havent informed the soon-to-be-organisers that they have been given so and so event. Before doing that, i need to ask a few personally whether they would be willing to organise so and so event. The rest of them would be informed of their predicatment through the impersonal mail. A mail which wouldnt event contain my name so that they wouldnt know whom to lodge their protest with.
Whatever, i just hope Threads is a success. Lets hope that Threads yarns a success story. :)

Monday, January 03, 2005

happy new year....

So. a new year has come. 2005 AD it is beig called. So whats new? Just another day. The sun would continue to rise same as before etc etc. But what is the difference? New year resolutions! Why should they be any. I mean why specifically for new year? We can make any resolutions any time we want. And break them anytime too. The only difference i find is that i need to write down the date carefully. Its no longer -04 but -05. Thats it. But anyway, everyone wishes everyone 'happy new year'. And I reciprocate. Why? Because thats the norm. Does the new year signify a new begining as it is made out to be? This is turning out to be quite a boring post.
Enjoy life. Be it new year or old.