Thursday, November 09, 2006


His eyes dart around trying to pierce the darkness. He raises his hand right upto his face but it still remains invisible. The darkness is absolute. Torn between nonchalance and concern, he tries to don his usual facade. He knew that it was a small matter. Being worried about it was sheer stupidity. But he worried nonetheless. He was expected to let things be. He expected himself to let things be. But he wondered whether there wasnt the faint chance that a few perturbations would bring the whole system into a better configuration? Should he try and risk disturbing the current state drastically and for the worse, permanently? Or should he be inactive and never know what could have been?

Smiling, feet over leaves fallen
walking, eyes far far ahead
wondering, pondering, speculating
what he should and shouldnt have said.


Turbo said...

its totally abstract!!
Can u explain in simple english?

Su said...

i can totally understand it!
u are bored in life!
u need to get married!!

Anonymous said...

dude, abstract means difficult to understand; not impossible to understand...
or maybe I am just too dumb to understand this :P

Anonymous said...

Was too abstract to go into the head .... it went wooosshhh, over the head :P


Anonymous said...

I agree with Su.

He is RIGHT on the target. Get married dude. You need some activity in your life. This is worse than ur gay poem posts

mythalez said...

@turbo, i thought the english was simple enough .. just that the concept is beyond reach ;)

@su, u totally got it wrong .. i m totally enjoyin my life .. and i dont need to get married .. maybe u r reflectin ur state upon me?? :P

@kunal, sorry :D and no its not ur fault .. u r not supposed to understand thats all :D

@navya, :D

@playboi, Su is WRONG :D and so r u :P

Anonymous said...

@ mythalez :O wats with u dude?
i cant believe that u've written this stuff

Sreejith said...

Loved this ra. Perfect abstraction :) My interpretation was only specific to me. I wonder how close i was to your motive though.

And I especially loved "walking, eyes far far ahead"