Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Bye bye and you are gone!!

Well, just sent away one of my closest friends. He has always been there in the last four years and now in a puff he is gone ... There are just too many memories with him for me to start any reminiscence. Will certainly miss Dilip, everytime i want to go on a walk, watch a movie, go home, eat out, write a c/c++ program or just need some help.
Rishabh too went away but I would get to see him in june .. not so with Dilip.

I ll be away from the campus too. Going to Swiss to visit my brother :D (hopefully I would be able to with no hassles). I would try to blog from there, otherwise expect the next post with the advent of may.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

sunken friendships

I spent a year in chennai .. my 6th class. I was new to the place and ofcourse ignorant of tamil. There were a few telugu people in the class but everyone talked in tamil .. I was the only guy who couldnt understand (along with another guy who was a complete north-indian). I made a very close friend then (a telugu guy living in chennai). Any holiday, he would either come over to my home or I would go to his and spend the entire day. A whole year, he was my only friend. The next year, I came to hyderabad. Kept in touch with him through post initially but as it inevitably happens, lost contact.

Cut to the present day. The guy has come to hyderabad for some internship kind of thing. He finds out my address and phone number with great difficulty. Calls me and we talk a bit. He asks me whether it is possible to meet, I reply in affirmative but in heart, I am really not so interested!! Am I not supposed to be dying to meet this old friend of mine? As about my other friends before coming to IIIT, I am generally interested in meeting only a miniscule number of them. Though I do remember, that when in school I was very good friends with many many of them.

I guess only the real close friendships live on ....

Saturday, April 08, 2006


Friday, April 07, 2006

Good morning!!

After time immemorial, the day has come again! I was asleep before 12 in the night!! And yeah woke up at 5:30 am. But being awake at this time is nothing new to me. I have been able to eat breakfast daily for the last 7-10 days .. no .. i wasnt the good boy who wakes up in the morning, rather i was eating breakfast .. then going to bed. But today it shall be different.

It was soo dark just a couple of minutes ago and now it suddenly looks as if it were twilight. Early mornings are still enhanting though I have been enjoying them daily since the past few days, but then their magic never seems to wear off.

Its not that I am alone and bored in my wing, many of my wingmates and pseudo wingmates are still awake playing age or watching 24 etc. Dont know whats a pseudo wingmate? All those who technically dont belong to the wing but stay here most of their hostel time anyway ... we have many such people. Guess thats what brings colour to our wing.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Farewell ... now wat?

So, in a few weeks, we are expected to leave the institute. Most of my friends know where they are going to be. At max, they may change the company that they are currently placed in. Some of them know the institutes that they may join. But what about me? I dont even know the country I may end up in!! The whole process of this MS/Phd applications and the resultant irritations and frustrations certainly tempts the mind to question whether it is all worth it. The most major question is the financial aid part .. if you are not offered aid initially, you would have to spend atleast 5-8 Lakhs for the first semester (depending on the univ) and then hoping to get something for the next semester. Why all that when it is much easier to get MS admission here in IIIT that too with a income like 6K per month? Want of a new and better place?? Greater exposure and tougher competition? I have no idea.

Another major question that has once again started plaguing my mind is why am I even going for further studies? This last 3-4 sems, i have realised that I have totally lost the patience and zeal to sit, listen and learn in classes. On the other hand, I have gained interest in working on some problems and trying to solve them. Yeah, thats what Phd is all about, you may say, but most of MS or the first two years of Phd in any US univ would only involve taking courses and attending classes. Am I cut up to that now?? I seriously have no idea.

My earlier reasoning used to be, you have to do a job all your life anyway, why hurry now, why not spend more time studying? But somehow, now I ask, you have to do job anyway rite, why go through all this trouble .. why not get into job right away? Either way, it all depends on how you perform ... but then how you perform also depends on what you need to perform!! AAh ... its all a big tangle .. thats what it is.