Sunday, August 31, 2008

Every once in a while ...

Every once in a while,
stall the thoughts, abandon the speculation
try to shut off the mental processes
disengage the senses, clear up the space

Every once in a while,
block out the disturbances, restrain the activities
take a step back from the mess of life
slow down the breaths, slow the hectic pace

Every once in a while,
ungarble the tangled wishes, tear up the lists
halt the schemes abound in contradiction
pack up the cards, throw away the futile ace

Every once in a while ....

after a long time, I was in the perfect mood to jot down something. The lines, the words came in a flurry and the whole thing was written in 5 minutes, I guess. Even a splitting headache has its plus points !! Btw, the observant might notice why it isn't really possible to have more than three stanzas for this poem :P.


karanatiiit said...

Hmm.. The poem was good and applies to my current situation, but I coudn't fathom why you wrote the last line :|

skp said...

Gud .. I liked some poem ( any poem ) in a long time ... ok let me write my post for blogger's day :D

Abbulugadu said...

@ rama:

Dont worry the substitute psychiatrist (dont u dare laugh :P ) is here to interpret ur thought-provoking poem:

1st stanza interpretation:
finally u decided to sweep your room and make ot clean

2nd stanza:
slow down slow down you have got all day tp clean the room ... dont do a hasty and hence inefficient job

3rd stanza:
You are not satified with the neatness so threw the garbage/paper/cards back on the floor again.

good boy rama decides to re start cleaning his room again 'coz he did a bad job :D

aniket said...

I wanted to write a comment congratulating Rama for such a sensitive poem, but then I read Baba's comment :O. Just what exactly do you eat, Baba? Or smoke?

Abbulugadu said...

@ aniket:
Shucks ! No was a joke :)

(u see ol' chap! That is a true blue Obelix style comment ;)

@ rama:
definitely a good poem ... implicitly implied :)

thread said...

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kunal said...

beautiful writing Rama...

and Abbulugadu, rofl..

obelix said...

i'd love to post some really witty, sarcastic, double-entendred bit of praise here but none springs to mind

my mind infact is so devoid of thought that it's as empty as the lunar landscape

at this point, i thought this comment would grow into something more, a little bit of prose and not a bore. however, i sense me shooting myself proverbially in the foot if i continue typing

obelix said...

you know when you're vella when you goto someone's blog, scroll down to the end of the comments and realize that you already read and commented here.

aniket said...

I'm keeping this for the college Mag. If you have anything else to contribute, just mail me @ aniketsharma.

the-think said...

Everyone once in a while, a headache comes along...

mythalez said...

@karan, the rhyming word ... space pace ace .. and then? ce doesnt make sense :P

@skp, :)

@abulugadu, rofl .. thats quite an imaginative interpretation .. u shud try doin it for the rest of my verses :P

@aniket, well, u r free to put it in the mag, as long as it is published (which is not a common thing for IIIT mag) and due credit given (with link perhaps) .. for more contributions .. chk our the archives and choose and let me know :P

@paccha, blah :P

@kunal, :)

@obelix, tch tch .. on such occasions u shud post posts not comments :P

@persephone, so true :D every once in a while, comes a very bad day :P