Saturday, February 11, 2012

2 .. 3 .. 5 .. 8

You are supposed to believe that 28 is just another number. But is it? It takes you one year closer to 30 than 25. How does that matter? Well, isn't 25 like the ideal age? The age where you are permitted to do everything and anything but have no responsibilities whatsoever [and in my  case, no money either :P ]. In other news, can't believe that it is approaching 2 1/2 years since I got my PhD officially becoming a doctor.

The years do go faster as the number of years increase. Clearly that is because there are fewer fascinatingly new  experiences and also because, the brain stores lesser snapshots of life as the years pass on. However, such medical wisdom serves no purpose when one is in the whirlpool of nostalgia, getting sucked in by one memory at a time...

Obviously, it is best to just enjoy the present than to wonder about its preservation.

Of course, stuff of various colours and varying concentrations consumed in orderless fashion does make you want to write spontaneous blog posts .....

Tuesday, February 07, 2012


Many a verse, many an allegory
Has flowed through this tapping
Many a muse, many a fantasy
Had been so captured literally

Strange hence that you and me
Have in our own unique way
Went beyond the usual nicety
Stranger still, this missing poetry

Stranger though, than all the above
With pity, I have now realised
Nothing good ever happens after the dark twelve
Of course, except you, and me, and love ;)