Monday, June 20, 2005

Confused yet fine ...

Thats how my state of being seems to be. Confused about what? No idea. Just that the whole day i have been doing nothing, seemed capable to do nothing. Lazed around trying to figure what was wrong. The result.. nothing. Why is it that sometimes everything is fine, no troubles, no problems, no tensions, yet you do not feel good. You are surrounded by people, but you seem to be lonely. But no one can tell that anything is wrong because there is no change in your behaviour. Everything is fine but you arent.
The playlist comprises of the whole hindi songs directory. Hence, listened to a lot of songs which are actually good that i forgot ever existed that too on my pc.
What else ( thats the title of the song currently being played, in hindi ofcourse)
Lost into oblivion.
Life is good but can be better :)

Thursday, June 16, 2005

June 16, 2005 AD

This is the third time tonight, that i logged off, with thoughts of going to the hostel, only to return to the lab and sit in front of this pc again. Once it was because, i thought i got an idea to solve the problem. The second time it was because my mind was assaulted with thoughts coercing it to try another trick on that program. The third time had nothing to do with my mind or thoughts, it is the rain which has pushed me back to the lab. But yeah, the weather is awesome, especially after the horrible summer that we had to suffer. So, after a long time, i am blogging in the lab.
I actually felt like blogging in the evening, but then it struck me that the blog anniversary must be somewhere around this time. I checked and it turned out to be the next day, i.e today :D.
So, thats it, 365 days have passed since i first blogged.
Thanks Akshay for introducing me to the Blog-world.
Thanks Simeen for giving me various tips.
Thanks Pati for popularising my blog.
Thanks Rastogi for idolising my blog :D.
Ofcourse, thanks all readers for wasting your time reading my ramblings.
Hey, wait a minute, why should i thank the readers ?? Shouldnt it be the other way round?? Shouldnt they thank me for maintaining this wonderful blog that provided them with that most useful way to waste time when they were too bored to do anything else??
After all the thanks are exchanged, ... lets continue.
Thats where this post was saved as draft. This is the first time that a post was not finished in one sitting. The break came because Su was good enough to come to lab to pick me up and take me to the hostel on a bike. Hence, Thanks Su :)
More than required grtitude for one year; this post ends here.

PS: This is the 117 Post. :)

Thursday, June 09, 2005

horrorscope ... painistry

First time when it was suggested, i brushed it off as a joke. But then the nagging began. "how will it make any difference to you?", "Just want to know about your health." blah blah yak yak. Finally i gave in. Thought that i would just enjoy the experience. And so we went to a city-renowned palmist. Yes, a Palmist. I often felt that the theory of how-the-lines-on-your-palm-tell-your-future is much better than how-the-stars-in-the-heavens-predict-your-future. And this particular exponent of the former theory is apparently quite popular going by the queue that was waiting for his audience. Since, his place was quite near our house, we took our token, rested at home and came back to that 'palm-house' at just the right time.

My turn came, we entered after 'removing our footwear'. He was around 50, corpulent and domineering.
(All the conversation has been translated from telugu to english)
He: Are you studying?
Me: Yes, Engineering.
I tenderly offered my right palm, he just glanced at it before he started off on his list of insinuations.
He: Why are you losing interest in your studies ??
Me: (bewildered!! what!! wanted to reply(WTR): i havent the faintest clue what the hell you are talking. True, i havent been studying much, but i am managing pretty well) Reply: erm...cough
He: You are depressed and have lost interest in studies.
Me: (depressed!! I havent been more jollier in my life!! WTR: dude, get ur facts right) Reply: cough... no (a squeak)
He: I am asking you
All this while, he has been scratching on my palm with his reynolds pen, highlighting the lines and curves on my beautiful palm. He ended up making it look ghastly.
And then, relief came in the form of a courier service, who came to deliver a credit card. He wanted a signature and the Pan number or passport number etc. Our man did not even bother to get up. He signed, wrote his telephone number and asked the courier guy to be content with it. The courier guy persisted saying that telephone number wont do, Pan number, Pan number. Our guy joked saying, "Do you people really need the proof of my existence, dont you know me?". Our man brusquely brushed away the poor courier guy and resumed the study of my palm. By this time, i had got back my senses, and wanted to get the hell out of there. He continued...
He: Health is totally fine.
Me: (WTR: If there is any problem with me, that comes under health. Shall i show my medical report and prove it to you?? Get something right dude!! ) Reply: /:) (raised eyebrow.)
My escort: But, will his health be all right??
He: Its totally fine. The problem is his depressed mind.
Me: (WTR: Now, you accuse me of being a psychosomatic!!!) Reply: Stoic Silence
He: You have chances of going abroad in the near future.
Me: (gloating. well, he is bound to get something right afterall.) Reply: Straight Face
He: You may fall into troubles relating to love.
Me: (WTR: Come on, get real. I dont even have a love-life.. is that the trouble you are talking about?) Reply: /:)
He magically produced a ring from nowhere, and put it on my finger. I wanted to snatch it off immediately, but i waited till i was out of his sight.
I finally left shaking my head in disbelief at this strange ordeal.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Supposed to sleep, so i blog ...

blogging has been quite infrequent in these holidays. Just four posts in the month of may :o. But, how does it matter :)
My mind is quite alert and happy to be awake. My eyes pain as if some thorns have replaced those cones in the retina. Eyes, that reminds me of spectacles. 12 years, from the time they opened in this world (hindi filmy??) my eyes had been sharp and great. Many times, i had been summoned to search for that fallen minute thing on the floor, an earring, a screw etc etc. Then, i found the world around me getting blurred gradually. In that unlucky 13th year of my life, i got my spectacles, with powerful lens, -3. Yeah, in my case the eye-lens-power saga started from -3. Many people may strive for years yet not reach this coveted figure. But i kick-started from there, and now have doubled it, almost. These 8 years, the spects have become an inherent part of me. Travelled through all those shapes, huge rectagles, oval, large rectangles, squarish, thin rectangular, plastic lens ... never tried those darkening ones though.
Well, the thorns, i mean the cones are intensifying their protest, i better heed their cries. Keep the spectacles on the table, jump into the bed and sleep another fitful sleep.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

This tagging business ...

With ref to this post
Am supposed to answer a few questions. So lets start.

1. Total number of films I own on dvd/video:
A. Me!! Owning stuff?? Must be kidding. Btw, i think there are some cds/videos at home, i dont remember of what :D

2. The last film I bought:
A. Refer to the answer above.

3. The last film I watched:
A. Star Wars - Episode 3 - Revenge ... in theatre, Fight Club on pc (couldnt finish due to 'unforseen circumstances'), Mass on Tv (yeah, I survived #:-S)

4. Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me:
A. Shrek
    Sixth Sense
    Life is Beautiful
    Forrest Gump
    Dil Chahta hai
    Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (:D oops, this makes it six)

5. Tag five people and have them put this in their blog:
A. Now this is tough. I can tag them, but will they even consider it? Also, can we tag people who are already tagged (though it wont serve any purpose) ?? Anyway, here go the five people -
my friendly sage
M$ guy
and so on and so forth :D

ps - why is this tag-thing related to movies only ????