Friday, November 13, 2009

post-defence ramblings + abstracts

./restart abstractness
[about to start] ctrl-s [long break] ctrl-q [memory blank] [vocabulary found wanting]
just a simple question: did you ever get anything right at the time that you desired it most? or has it always come late, too late that you no longer cared much about it?
Or is it the other way round? Those that you don't manage to obtain become more and more desirable, and those that are on their way lose their attractiveness such that by the time you actually get them, you have lost most of the interest?
Either ways, it's a pity, "ain't it so"?

Oh! by the way, I felt like rambling the below few bits, a week after my PhD viva .. but never really got down to posting the post .. anyways, here it is [was written on 4th or 5th nov ]

A lot of people in the lab are apparently aware of me and my name. People who I never thought knew my name (and hence couldn't have really figure out who passed their defence just through the mail announcement) are coming up to congratulate me. What can I say, some people are more popular that they thought themselves to be :P.

Almost a week of partying .. finally ends with monday of work. Oh yeah, I still have some work left, namely, the post-viva corrections that ought to be done for the final hard-bound submission. Monday was spent in work from like 11am to 11pm (with breaks ofcourse :D) And then a rigorous tuesday evening of work .. and voila, they were all done! and then after ratification from the examiners+supervisors, will have to give for the hard-binding which will take 7-10 days!! No idea, why it should take that long !!


skp said...

frust .... oh i meant Firrsttt ! yay first comment of millions more to come ...

obliex said...

second. i never wanted to be first anyway :)

thread said...

i always wanted to be in a 3 way

Argentyne said...

a week of partying! wow! :) Congrats again :)

mythalez said...

@skp, millions? please dont spam my blog :P

@obelix, who wants to be first anyway :P

@paccha, 3 way? :P is that an euphemism :P

@argentyne, the partying hasnt particularly ended .. will be there next week as well .. actually ... but with a more 'farewelly' touch

deep said...

:O..lots of it..when will the whole thing takes too long.. :/
im scared..