Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Bored as Hell

What shud i do ?
I m bored to death. Its so strange that i feel bored only when i need to do some work.
Now I need to learn java :(( . How long wud it take ? I need to select a good book first. Also i hope i am able to complete that job before Prof Camel fails to recognise me...
Or shud I be the my usual lazy self and try to do it in c++ ? But its always better to learn java rite.
Wat shud i do now.......

Here i am waiting
staring into the unlit
blinded by the sting
of the sudden light.

shielding my eyes
i try to pierce it
how much ever it tries
my eyes couldnt see a bit.

the sun may not have risen
flowers may not have bloomed
the birds may not have woken
but that is just a token

fact was that it was brighter
then a day could ever hope to be
the light wasnt just that,
it was too bright to see !

finally it dimmed
a silhoute formed
the light slimmed
but a small fire still burned .

The light started wavering
or was it my eyes..
i started quivering
or were they all lies ?

Then the darkness flooded
through the center of the scene
like a small island
shining out of a big ocean

Reducing the strain
on my much abused eye
relieved of the pain
i gave a quiet sigh

Blinding was the light
darkness i wanted .
reading this poem
a good many fainted !

Wow now i feel satisfied
havin tortured you with this piece of literature..........

Bye for now

More Blogging

Well so i continued my blog spotting, though it wasn't boring it wasn't rather exciting either.
Also i found many patterns. Most obvious being that most of the girls had pink templates. Mayb that is expected. So many stereotypes yet so few similarities.
Why the heck am i writing this ?

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Didnt have lunch

I went out to have lunch with Axe. But that dude uttered the blasphemous sentence that he wasnt really hungry. Well wasnt it enough for me to drop the whole idea. Well lunchless days are increasing in number slowly ..........

Yet Another day

Well here i am once again. Yet another day, but nuttin changed much.
Well no comments yet. But hopefully someday i will hav. Today i checked the recent post s and realised that on a average more than a 100 posts are posted every minute. Now that's huge. Well mayb not so huge after all. I read a small book about the greatest bank robbery of all time. They caught the mastermind and he escaped. Well would he have really enjoyed the wealth that he had stolen ? I m basically writing this to see if my post comes in that most recent posts list. Hey also i really wanted to know, wat is the point of blogging ? The same point in keeping a diary maybe ? I never had the paitence of writing a diary. So no idea how long my blogging career would survive !

Friday, June 18, 2004

Is anyone ever going to read this ?

So am i finally into blogging ? But why am i doing it ? Will this page ever be viewed by someone other than me or that guy who introduced me to blogging ?
Well actually i wanna find out. So i request the poor person whoever may be reading this nonsense top plz plz plz post a comment. Atleast that would prompt me to post something sensible :)
So once again plz plz plz post a comment plz plz plz

Thursday, June 17, 2004

I wanna write something

I spent most of yesterday night scanning through various blogs. Some were just like me writing some gibberish while some others have totally bared their life.
These unimaginably patient people have used it as a medium to host their diary on the net. I was also lucky that I could obtain a GMail account. Some good Samaritan had hosted an invitation on his blog so that it would be available to the person who first reads his blog. Guess who that lucky person was ! Well so blogging has already paid of for me.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

What should I write ?

Ewdffh ihts n opret njdlfg ewtohoaw dfng droyih
iygwre xfb ewrot sdtg weryb sdfeis ondg

Can u make sense of the above ???