Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy birthday! just 4 years gone ?? :D

Happy birthday to Mythalez's blog, once again! Its 4 years old now... yes people, you have been tolerating this continuous addition to web-scum for so long! The ritualistic statistical update:- 263 posts published (incl this), 1 scheduled and 9 drafts.

Last year Mythalez wrote this post which linked to some posts capturing what he thought was the variety ;) (He is allowed to be arrogantly narcissist on this day :D). Anyway, this year he thought he should make it more 'interactive'. In other words, he requests his dear silly benevolent (that should be sufficient number of pleasant adjectives right?) readers to do the work for him :D. So here goes the announcement --

All my readers ... those who comment often, those who never comment, and all those in between (including those who never 'read';) ) are requested to comment this time, and select one of my posts which they like the most. There is no other criteria. A link to the post would be awesome .. but dont worry if u cant find it or are too lazy to try .. just a line or two on what it was about is okay too :D. Also, It would please me to know who you are .. but in case you are extremely protective of your secrecy, an 'anonymouse' comment is welcome too .. or if your need for secrecy borders on paranoia, then you might as well just mail me the post/your-identity or both @ mythalez at :P.

Mythalez intuitively feels that instead of choosing the best post, the annoyed and sufficiently tortured readers would either chose a bad post or not choose at all (which is worse!) .. please dont do that :-ssss :D.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


There come times, when you are not really sure how you feel. You can't decide whether you are joyous or sorrowful, cool or frustrated, hopeless or enthusiastic. Worse is that you cannot even decide how you are supposed to feel. You can't figure out whether you are supposed to be happy or angry. An even funnier situation is when you think you are supposed to feel angry or frustrated, sad and so on, but you don't. You find yourself too numb for any strong emotion. You are just too stoic even for your own comfort. Thats when it strikes you that there must be something somewhere wrong with you.

They say I should be angry
They assume I will be
books, people, the psychologists
'but I dont care', say me

hollow mind, empty body
hold no emotion, shoddy
might I force the feeling on myself
yet find myself disembody

it's just that nothing matters!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

the BLAH is here !!

My friend, the corrupted Database (unofficially known as srujan in some cliques), also nicknamed 'the original spurious tuple generator', recently suggested to me that i should start a 'blah' cult. The idea immediately caught my fancy. Of course, after our recent revelations (link), the wider world certainly needs be informed of the 'blah philosophy'. However, the main hurdle for spreading this way of thinking is that unlike the major religions that need tomes to state their ideas, this philosophy is quite pithy. In fact, as we know, all its philosophy is contained in one simple sentence: "everything in the universe is just blah".

Yes, yes, I know that there is one minor niggling drawback. The blah philosophy only talks about the universe but not beyond it. But then, in reality, it does encompass all that there is. It is the fault of the language that it has not been able to come up with a word to describe the things beyond the universe. Whatever they might be, they still adhere to being 'blah'.

Doubters might ask, if everything is so clear, will the preachers and followers of the philosophy have any work at all? They do .. of course they do. Every person accepting, refuting or ignoring the philosophy has to come up with his/her own interpretation of 'blah'. Therein lies the primary beauty of the cult. Though, all its members follow the blah philosophy, everyone follows an unique blah, one that is specific to him/her alone. Thus, our cult differs from the other cults and religions in the world, especially in its flexibility and 'customisability' :).

So, followers of blah, unite and spread the glory of the word, across the universe and beyond! And the word is "BLAH" !!