Saturday, May 30, 2009

ass u me

this started out as random fictional sounding sentences being typed out and ended up as this short story without having to revise anything already typed out.

She looked down. Staring at the fine crack in the wood of the table was her attempt at being inconspicuous; invisible rather. Didn't work. He walked up to her and stood just beyond the other side of the table expecting her to look up. She refused until he actually called out her name. With a fake smile, she acknowledged his arrival. Despite how much she wanted, she couldn't possibly feign surprise or alarm or make an excuse to avoid his company. After all, they had fixed this appointment mutually.

He immediately sat down, initiated the inane pleasantry-exchange and also ordered coffee for both of them, without asking her what she would like. Of course, she always preferred coffee and he knew that, but still, he could have asked her. She might have changed. But obviously, he didn't expect her to have changed. It was these kind of assumptions, that he made, that irked her. What aggravated her most was that, without exception, all of his assumptions were always correct.

They immediately got down to the business at hand. The coffee arrived. Though, she really needed it, she ignored it. She had to prove him wrong, just once. There wouldn't be another opportunity and without that, there would be no closure. She did manage to suppress her temptation and the coffee went cold and lame. However, to add to her intense exasperation, he didn't even notice it! He just went on and on without taking a second to observe how she was doing there. He just assumed she was keeping up with him and was all fine. Of course, as usual , he was right and she was doing just fine. But that didn't help with her point-scoring aspiration at all. If he doesn't even notice that she hasn't drunk her coffee how will he assume that he made a wrong assumption? Nevertheless, in a strange and weird way, this callousness of his got her the closure she desired. If he couldn't even bother to notice his mistake when obvious, though fake, attempts were being made to point it out to him, it no longer mattered if he did indeed commit a mistake, did it? Since, evidently, he wouldn't have cared even if he did. With this realisation, she smiled. He looked up at precisely that moment for her approval and assumed it, because of her smile. Mistakenly.

Her smile evolved into a laugh at the tease that fate is. He was nonplussed. His facial expression remained so as his head crashed into the table widening the crack in the wood. She now proceeded to put on her act of shock and alarm by screaming frantically. He was completely silent, without a heartbeat, having made an assumption, one too many.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the post to be written

tap tap tap
tap away to glory
zap zap zap
words appear in flury
are they sound? are they precise?
or lead to the article's demise?

my mind is roasting merrily with all the blah blah that i have written and am still writing, geesh this scientific research "literature".

the actual "incoming" post about the trip to central europe will be "forthcoming" soon, very soon ..... very very soon .....

Monday, May 04, 2009

twisted and the straightforward

the straightforward part:

- was not able to use the free 45 min wifi available at the hyderabad 'international' airport because i did not possess an indian mobile number.
- almost all the people that use british airways flights between london and hyderabad do so only to go to the united states. out of the 300 or so people from the flight (yes it was completely packed), less than 20 turned up to collect baggage at heathrow! the rest of them obviously went on connecting flights to yamareica.
- my body seems to find it pretty normal to migrate from 43 celsius to 13 celsius; doesn't even notice it.

and now for the twisted aka abstracty part:

- unusually, faster beats have a cause that is not psychological or situational but physiological.
- silence screams. the screams bring forth the difference and painfully underline the current preference.
- helplessness is not a good state to be in. when you end up in the state, you are also too helpless to be able to change it and have to wait for external forces.
- halting the struggle might sometimes be good; releases the pressure, eliminates the expectations and invalidates the calculations.
- but without struggling, nothing can be hoped to be achieved. luck is not a factor.
- smaller views are essential for day-to-day progress but their objects are known to be insignificant in the grander view.
- what was supposed to be significant loses its esteemed status suddenly because it is revealed to be too dependent on fluctuations that might be beyond control to be dependable enough to attain significance.

in the end, they are all excuses. some useful, some not.