Friday, July 13, 2007

long time no post!!

Yeah, had been pretty busy the past few weeks. Finally finished my mammoth of a report (90 pages whoaa!) .. officially called the '9 month report', expected of every phd student at the end of 9 months of the start of his studies. I wonder why they chose '9 months' .. to represent the gestation period of a Phd? :D.

Moved home. From the impersonal university halls of residence to a private rented 3 bedroom house that I am sharing with two others (obviously) .. who were my flatmates at the university flat also. An Italian guy, a Greek-Cypriot girl and an Indian guy (thats me incase you are in doubt!) make up the composition of my new residence. Nice home. Finally, have a lounge and more importantly a huge couch in the lounge. A garden at the back too. Bought TV also, on the same day that we moved :D. No internet connection as yet though :(. Will be getting it in a week I hope.

More importantly, bought a bike. A bicycle I mean. With 18 gears and no mudguards, stand or anything else (yeah there is a seat in case you were wondering :P), its pretty good. Though I bought it second hand it costed 60£ .. yeah everything is damn costly here. So, after a decade or so, I once again own a vehicle. Yeah, used to have a bicycle until my 8th class or something. And after that, never had a vehicle I could call my own. Ofcourse, used to ride around in scooters. bikes etc, but they didnt formally belong to me. Hmm ... so 10 years .. and I am again at the same state of having a plain bicycle! Should be owning a car or something. But then, whats the point? I dont know how to drive, anyway :D.

Will be touring London this weekend. Yeah, I havent seen much of london. So, will be going to Madame Tussauds, London Eye, change of guards at Buckingham Palace, Oxford street and the other famous areas, Westminster areas etc etc. No .. not alone .. with my brother who will be coming here for the weekend.

This post almost looks like a regular blog post, detailing the author's activities, which is quite rare in this space. To get it back to the usual tone that we all are most used to (Wrote this on paper using a pen, yesterday night at home! .. no net at home you see):--

a passing second
a restless mind
a darting glance
an image left behind.


Sreejith said...

Wah Rama babu,
nayi bike
nayi TV
naya ghar!
badhiya hai :)

guess who said...

die :p

Anonymous said...

You are student and have a bike .. seems good.
i WORK for mother of all graphics nvidia, and even I own a cycle .. that too in INDIA!

dude, dont crib about ur state ..

oh and btw, i dnt have a TV :)

who am i? i wont tell .. and dont start crying !

kunal said...

it really has been a long long time since I put pen to paper... btw your 4 line poem looks more like a Sreejith post :D

mythalez said...

@sreejith, :P

@paccha, I guessed :P

@anonymous aka playboi, tch tch poor u .. i so pity u for not havin the simple luxuries of life :P

@kunal, ahem .. 'inspiration' in the proper sense :D

Dreamer said...

tfrom this post it is clear that ur life is really kool