Friday, October 07, 2005

Yes, the sun has risen ...

... and i havent gone to bed yet. This is no anomaly but my daily schedule these days. Got to get back to IST soon. Lots of work to do. Actually, am in such a state of confusion that i am not doing anything. The work has increased so much that i no longer even attempt to recollect what all i was supposed to have completed. Long time that i read a book either. Long time i did anything useful either.

The servile eye of the puzzled mind
casts sights high on the futurity
tries to decipher and find
the crypts of posterity

In desirous of change
yet unsure of what.
All the decisions hinge
on what is to be sought

Look forlornly at those happy faces
that are free from the dilemmas
They wear their shoes, tie their laces
go home and go to classes.


Sreejith said...

"Long time that i read a book either. Long time i did anything useful either." - sorry but that statement is wrong. You just wrote a fine poem.. which is a pretty useful thing to do :)

the-think said...

Nice poem :)

Lord of all Things said...

u having jet lag??:P herz one poem for u

" if u wanna read a book...
go to the lib and have a look..
and if u want what they took..
then till they return please .. ruk!!"

sheeeesshh!! im soo bad at this:))
no wonder the best poem ive ever made up:D

mythalez said...

@sreejith, useful :-? if u say so ... guess i gotta agree :P

@persephone, thanku thanku *customary bows* :D

@swathi aka lord, ur poem really shook (me) :D