Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Yet yet Another Tag Post ...

And this time the focus is 7. And have been tagged by 2 people - Rao and Khurana. However, this one is quite tougher. Anyways, lets face the challenge ...

Seven Things I want to do in my life:

1. Travel around the world and maybe beyond 8->
2. Be rich and renowned 8->
3. Start a hugely successful company ...
4. Drive the best convertible around :D
5. Live in a lot of countries (should atleast cover all continents even antartica!)
6. Fund a help organisation and see that it does its work honestly
7. Write a novel ..
8. Maintain a library in my house :D
More than 7? so what? A lot more havent been mentioned for scarcity of space and time

Seven Things I can do:

1. Blog
2. Write about any topic (even if i have no idea about it)
3. Act as if i have understood everything even when i have no idea what was said
4. Survive a day or two without any food
5. Keep chatting and chatting ...
6. Keep secrets .. :D
7. Write computer programs i.e programming .. (almost forgot :D)

Seven Things I say the most:

1. hmm
2. really?
3. chaa
4. crap
5. sucks
6. what rubbish
7. cool
(am not sure about the veracity of these answers .. the people around may know better)

Seven Things I can't do:

1. Not blush when being teased (tried a lot)
2. Play any game well (didnt try that much :D)
3. Stay away from checking mail ever so often
4. Feel comfortable when with new acquaintances
5. See (without my spects i mean)
6. Not use smileys when using the keyboard :D
7. Stay awake in classes (:|

Seven Things that attract me to the opposite sex:

1. Intelligence
2. Versatility
3. Taking everything coolly without much ado
4. Simple appearance (lack of make-up, jewellery .. natural beauty ?)
5. Slim Figure :D
6. Ability to keep a conversation going and interesting ...
7. Smile

Seven Celebrity Crushes:

1. Catherine Zeta jones
2. Alizee
3. Kajol
4. Amrita Rao
5. Meg Ryan
6. Liv Tyler
7. Hilary Duff

Seven People I Tag:
Not many left untagged .. and those left untagged probably wont respond.

1. Persephone (prove me wrong :P)
2. Su_cooldude (you would never even read this)
3. Pati (guess u ll do this :P)
4. Optimist
5. Ravi (mareenu ra nuvvu ... resume blogging)
6. Lord
7. Kunal (another tag for u :p)


pATI said...

Hey buddy ... just saw ur its looks as if I have wrote that post....damn u took CZJ and kajol away...neways I will have many differences.....c ya arnd....

Lord of all Things said...

will do it next post ;)

The optimist from utopia said...

dude!! next time u tag me.. make sure its not more than 5.. *phew* 7 was tuf..

the-think said...

DUDE!!! NO! i'm bad at tags, sigh!

What do you want me to prove wrong? tell, tell, i'm always ready for an argument! hehe

mythalez said...

@pate: always see u arnd :)

@lord: u done it yet?

@optimist: it was hard for me too ... fell asleep while writin it :D

@persephone: "Not many left untagged .. and those left untagged probably wont respond." i meant prove this wrong :P

the-think said...

Wow, you completely lost me on that one...i think you mean "Not many left untagged .. and those left TAGGED probably wont respond."
bah. this is not working. you want me to respond? i will :)

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