Saturday, September 30, 2006

An Encounter ...

It was around 4 pm. On a whim, I decided to go back to room from the lab. I hadn’t done any concrete work the whole day and didn’t feel like doing any either. So, I gather my coat and walk down the stairs (instead of taking the lift) and get out of the dept building. It was cloudy but the sun was indeed trying very hard to peek in. I walk to the bus stop and stand at the back near the display board waiting for the bus. The display board displays the maps of the various bus routes, the bus timings and so on. Relaxed, leaning back on a pole, I survey the rest of the crowd. A group of chinese girls chattering, an old lady impatiently waiting, a guy in a sweatshirt listening to his ipod with deep concentration presumably (as his eyes were closed), a suit wearing executive type person with a briefcase looking despondent, and a stout girl fiddling in her bag. There were a few others on the other bus stop too but I didn’t care to observe them. I had nothing particular to do in the room. I didn’t have a PC back then, had finished the novel that I was reading, I had just shopped the previous day and so even the kitchen was well stocked. So basically, I had nothing to do with my time for the rest of the day.

The sun seemed to have won a temporary battle with the clouds and came shining through casting a ray of warmth over us, poor souls, at the bus stop. With the sunlight, also came another bunch of people bus-hopefuls to the bus stop. However, only one captured my attention. Wearing a brown baggy jeans and a sleeveless white top, with a rucksack clinging onto her shoulders, she strode towards me. A white cotton belt around her thin waist accentuated her figure. With her wavy dark brown hair and a dimpled cheek complementing her beautiful face, she was more than just gorgeous. So, she finally came to a halt beside me facing the display board. While she was looking up at the maps, I continued staring at her. I was still leaning onto the pole beside the board. She gazes deeply into the map muttering something incomprehensible. She seemed to be trying to figure out something. I was standing to her left. Suddenly she turned right and asked the executive guy about some place. I couldn’t quite catch hold of the name of the place but only that it started with ‘S’. Now even the man started looking at the map, both of them trying to figure out something. I desperately tried to overhear their conversation, but they seemed to be mumbling something. The man seemed as clueless as she was. Suddenly, I heard a complete sentence from the girl. She said to him pointing at the map, “I know that’s Swaythling, but which bus goes from here?” Swaythling! That’s where I stay. I knew which bus to take. I was actually waiting for that particular bus! Being new to the country, I think twice about intruding to offer advice. However, I buried all my fears branding them baseless, and took a step forward towards her.

The rest of the 'encounter' shall follow shortly.


oBelIX said...

Mythalez has a girl friend? ;p

tipo said...

nooo..why the suspense?

Sagar Rastogi said...

dammit.. just when u come to the meaty part.. X(

ashwin said...

I guess I will have to start riding the busses.

playboi said...

aa, finally .. FINALLY rama has a girl too.
and, he is soo soo .. desi that he was starring a girl.
strange though that he looked at her waist and not 6 inches above or below. i am sure it would have been pretty neat there too :D

anyway, i think i guess the second part .. the girl asked someone else, that someone else told her. u were left starring and feeling like a loser

kunal said...

dude, its 3rd oct now!
when is the next part?

mythalez said...

@obelix, /:)

@tipo, coz i felt too sleepy to continue

@rastogi, meaty part eh? ;))

@ashwin, no in hyd .. in southampton :P

@plabboi, read again, wat does it say 'accentuated her figure' .. wat do u think that means eh? :P

@kunal, its coming soon

Anonymous said...

rama now a real kama :p

Sreejith said...

dear rama
stop making a drama
wrt girls you are a lama
this suspense feels like a loose pyjama!

AK-84 said...

Luks like somebody is too shy to write the remaining part. Waiting to find a sequel post for this with a title that says 'Adults only' ;)

mythalez said...

the continuation: