Thursday, February 01, 2007

In search of life!!

I was just 8 years old
I was tired of myself
I left my safe home
yeah, I was quite bold

Just at the end of the street ,
I was stopped by a police man.
He enquired where I was going
and why I was being so discreet

I told him I left my home
that I am exploring the world
that I am searching for 'life',
in this endeavor, I am all alone

He let out a smile and let me go
I finally reached the public library
I enquired for books about life
but they laughed! they had none, sorry!

Annoyed and helpless, I set out again
I walked my way to the railway station
I bought a ticket for the last destination
and with high hopes, boarded the train

The train went on and on and on
I asked for 'life' at every station it stopped
they smiled, laughed or looked amused
but 'life', they had no supply! at all none!

But, I did enjoy that train journey
the scenery was awesome, marvellous
with every passing hour and station,
my quest was growing weaker, very very

Finally we reached the final station
I was tired, I wanted rest, wanted to sleep
my wish to search for 'life' disappeared
exhausted I was by this peregrination

No, no! my voyage wasnt in vain
I enjoyed the journey, I had fun
later, I even realised what 'life' was,
It was in the journey, it was the train :)

ps - I have no clue why I wrote this :D .. yeah even my yahoo/gmail current status is 'clueless'


kunal said...

remove the p.s!
I liked the poem, I related to it, and you had to spoil it all with that p.s!

Hyderabadiz said...

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mythalez said...

@kunal, :D

@hyderabadiz, err umm ahan. :D

The optimist from utopia said...

lol@kunal.. :))