Monday, March 19, 2007

good? bad? or ugly??

I have been deceived. I knew it was coming. At that time, I had promised myself that if I was indeed being taken for a ride, I would get back strongly, be angry, lash out etc. But now, that I am facing the situation, I dont feel an iota of any emotion. I am not angry, not disappointed, not sad, not even annoyed, though I have every right and reason to be. I seem to be as placid and nonchalant as ever.

Now, what I wonder is, whether being so stoic is a good or a bad thing?? Well, the whole issue is surely ugly :D.


blah said...

What is the issue? that you are stoic?

Why is it ugly?
Oh! I get it! I get it! achcha! the title! :p

Anonymous said...

exactly the same thing is happening with me :P

abbulu said...

huh ? :O :O

kunal said...

you do justify the 'label' (or tag) you are using....

Badrinath S said...

good? bad? ugly?

all three together, i'd say. a paradox of sorts, if you see what i mean.

*under his breath, mumbles something about the eccentricity of the blogs author*

*wants to type out a colon proceeded by a capital P, but is too lazy to do so*

mythalez said...

@blah, perspicacious :P btw .. may i knw who u r?

@anonymous, i knw all abt it :P

@abbulu, ??

@kunal, doing justice is an inborn trait :P

@badrinath, I can see .. i can see ... *mutters about the paradoxical laziness of the commenter*