Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Flowers presented or stones thrown??

Deepa Mehta recently said after receiving an award, "This feels much better than having your effigies burnt". Nice quote eh? However, this set me thinking- whether it is better to have some radical, crazy people burn your effigies, raise slogans against you and create 'hungama' in general or receive an inconsequential award from a flattering uncritical audience? I would chose the former anyday. It gives a greater sense of accomplishment I guess :D.


Sreejith said...

That was 'deep'a :P

i do like the "humour starts at home" line better.

kunal said...

I'd also prefer the first, albeit for a different reason... Controversy always gathers more attention then anything else :P

skp said...

she said that @ IIFA Yorkshire ..
did u go ?

Karan said...

Hmm.. No wonder why people like Shilpa Shetty are among the most popular today!

mythalez said...

@sreejith, thanku thanku .. you do realise that its my own line right? :D

@kunal, yeah .. thats one of my reasons too :D

@skp, what!! you actually expect me to go to stupid award functions!! No way man .. no way!

@karan, eh .. but she didnt have her effigies burnt .. did she??