Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Palace Serenity

Restless with tired heart beats,
I arrive at 'Palace Serenity'
Craving for silence, pristine
away from the stark routine
away from the 'suffocacity'.

Lost amidst the tall thick trees
the building creeped into sight
covered with creepers, vine
manned by staff, numbering nine
seldom permitted in, any light.

Welcomed by manager, eager eyes
a smile disguising the smirk within
the bellboy, gloomy, dark as the air
the room, unfriendly and very bare
the palace had secrets, hidden in.

The sun deserts me, darkness lies
the dinner served, bland tasteless
five other guests around, a couple bickering
another courting, and a drunk stumbling
I see myself here lost in wilderness

Late night, howling winds, animal cries
Outside I walk, searching for my sleep
Deathly moonlight shows me the way
Up ahead, a moor mystic, shining lay
I walk around, making a complete sweep

A figure, crouched behind a rock, hides
I approach slowly, making no sound
Covered by the shadows, indistinguishable

PS- I was writing this sometime in april, but had to leave it midway to attend to some 'urgent matters' (which I dont remember now :D). Never again got the mood or the 'inspiration' to continue it. Hence, I post this incomplete poem ... after all .. not everything needs an end, right?
For the unobservant, do notice the strange rhyming scheme: abccb adeed a...


kunal said...

was trying for something good, but am not in a serious mood right now.. all I could come up with is:

I suddenly realize - damn I am perishable
It is a serial killer, I would bet my last pound.

sorry for ruining the great poem, but couldn't resist :)

nipun said...

liked it, well written ...
and rhyming is neways overrated :P

neways srry to further the ruin -
kunal -

Then again i dont see any weapon
except for a clipboard and a pen
Damn! i bet its a Credit recovery agent!

Sreejith said...

biding his time, waiting for the gullible
smothered by the darkness within, the reaper resides.

me too sorry :)

mythalez said...

@kunal, aah .. thanks for trying, but I would have liked to see 2-3 stanzas not lines :P. and yeah thanks for following the rhyming scheme :D

@nipun, I like rhyming :(( .. lol at the ending

@sreejith, wrong rhyming scheme used ... rejected :P