Monday, August 25, 2008

no quality, just a liability

Should it be prose or should it be verse?
which way should I talk about this curse?
what exactly do I want to convey,
is there really anything worth a say?

This pretends to be a poem of some kind
it does have a rhyme, but not much mind
I type this down, as I couldn't keep it in
putting it out there, no loss and no win

Sometime ago, it was strong and distracting,
now it seems silly, maybe since it's retracting
but still causes a sigh and a deeply shut eye
is it really gone or was just enacting a lie

illusion of inadequacy or adequacy an illusion?
stuck in the doldrums or basking in comfort?
make an effort or wait for the chance to beckon?
there was no mind, now lost the rhyme, yet go on?


Anonymous said...

have never seen a truer title..

Vivek said...

illusion of inadequacy or adequacy an illusion?
Missing an "of" in the above line, unless you want to abuse your poetic rights :P

Good stuff by the way, senseless but what the hell, it rhymed :D

obelix said...

almost halley-like :)

Vandana said... listened to me and wrote something abstract..which i guess makes sense only to you :P

btw do you need a spell??

mythalez said...

@kunal, well mythalez is frank :P

@vivek, nah, there is no 'of', rather there should be a comma: "adequacy, an illusion?" but was ignored :P

@obelix, :D

@vandana, yepsa, what spells you got?