Monday, May 04, 2009

twisted and the straightforward

the straightforward part:

- was not able to use the free 45 min wifi available at the hyderabad 'international' airport because i did not possess an indian mobile number.
- almost all the people that use british airways flights between london and hyderabad do so only to go to the united states. out of the 300 or so people from the flight (yes it was completely packed), less than 20 turned up to collect baggage at heathrow! the rest of them obviously went on connecting flights to yamareica.
- my body seems to find it pretty normal to migrate from 43 celsius to 13 celsius; doesn't even notice it.

and now for the twisted aka abstracty part:

- unusually, faster beats have a cause that is not psychological or situational but physiological.
- silence screams. the screams bring forth the difference and painfully underline the current preference.
- helplessness is not a good state to be in. when you end up in the state, you are also too helpless to be able to change it and have to wait for external forces.
- halting the struggle might sometimes be good; releases the pressure, eliminates the expectations and invalidates the calculations.
- but without struggling, nothing can be hoped to be achieved. luck is not a factor.
- smaller views are essential for day-to-day progress but their objects are known to be insignificant in the grander view.
- what was supposed to be significant loses its esteemed status suddenly because it is revealed to be too dependent on fluctuations that might be beyond control to be dependable enough to attain significance.

in the end, they are all excuses. some useful, some not.


Anonymous said...

hmm .. going by your descriptions .. the plane does have a rest room you know :P

mythalez said...

@ghostrunner, lol .. just to clarify, the twisted part has nothing to do with the plane journey :P

thread said...

post on the other blog, bird boy

Anonymous said...

"silence screams" - by any chance are you missing the cacophony of horns on Hyderabadi roads? :)

obelix said...

i'm not good at abstraction and shit so i'm just skipping that bit of the post :D

mythalez said...

@paccha, u do so mr. thread .. fork into it :P

@kunal, not the roads (barely went around this time) but just the one outside my balcony at home!

@obelix, nevertheless, u dont skip commenting eh? :P