Friday, October 23, 2009

a post just for the sake of it.

a post about disjoint unrelated whatever-comes-mind topics:

Electric showers are like M$ Windows. Very simple UI but assume that the user is stupid and only give him/her limited easy to use options. Manual 2-tap showers are like Linux. Smartly designed and gives the user the power to configure it just as he/she wants it to be.

I think I am finally getting tired of the blah concept. Yeah, I still believe that everything in the universe is just blah. But that belief doesn't get one anywhere. Of course, there is actually no point in going anywhere, since everything, as I had just reiterated, is just blah. But again, life doesn't seem very worthwhile if there is nowhere to get to. After all, given my attitude and given the social environment that I have been exposed to over the years, I need to be running towards something. And that something should look worthwhile enough, at least from a distance. All that this abstracty rant basically boils down to is this- I need a goal. The next goal. The goal towards which I can start my run, again.

Oh, by the way, is this what 20 years of "education" is going to culminate towards?

Oh, another by the way, it seems quite fun to act aka behave so as to leave someone guessing, slightly confused, somewhat puzzled and caught up in anticipation ;).


thread said...

"Electric showers are like M$ Windows."
Quit bashing poor M$ :p.. electric showers are like automatic cars.

hellboy said...

a "blah" comment for a "blah" post :P ..

deep said...

hmmm...sometimes it seems that not necessarily everything one does has to make sense...why it can't be simply for the sake of this post.. :P

mythalez said...

@paccha, either ways, they dont give us as much of a choice as we would prefer :P

@hellboy, blaah :P

@deep, it can be .. most things dont make sense in the long run anyway :P