Monday, November 16, 2009

ages ago, how did i blog?

As most of the earlier posts on this blog would attest, I used to write (to be understood as 'type'; when will these two words become synonymous rendering pen and paper into antiquity?) without any particular topic in mind. I used to ramble, falter, and continue to blabber. More often than not, the title would precede the post, even though, neither it and neither I knew what the post would end up containing. Those were the days that I didn't have to think for a post, I just had to login, click on new post and voila, the post sprung up, though, it might have been quite meandering and direction-less. But, one cannot hope to forever possess such skills. Nowadays, most of my posts start with a purpose in mind- perhaps to blog about a trip or an incident or about any such topic. Of course, the occasional abstract post and ad-hoc fictional paragraphs do make an appearance in the blog, but only seldom.

But that's not it, there are more frightening afflictions plaguing us. Lately, I have often felt the mood to ramble, to set upon a voyage of abstractness, sail across streams of incomprehensibility and type out my mood aka feelings, with gusto, in a language that is clear to all but rarely understandable to anyone. Yet, I haven't been able to do so. By the time, I am all set to start typing, I realise that my fingers have gone numb, the thoughts had fizzled away and the mood had become indecipherable. And, the post remained un-created. It faced, not a discerning audience (that's you readers, revel in this 'platitude' :P), but the ignominy of being deemed silly before it even had the chance of being born to argue its case.

Thankfully, this post suffered no such fate. It wriggled itself out into the world and is now left at its mercy. merci.


ghost said...

this topic can be a tag pos! what says you ? :)

obelix said...

ahh, good old arp's - arbit random posts

Anonymous said...

yeah it had been a long time since the last arp (obelix, thanks for teaching me a new term today!)..

I lost that 'talent' to post about just anything long back... I don't remember my last arp.. will need to dig it out..

deep said...
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deep said...

i guess u succeeded in what u intended in the second half... [:o]

thread said...

@obelix: nice :D .. here's another
IGMP - Incomprehensible Gobbledygook Masquerading as a Post

mythalez said...

@ghost, you are welcome to pick it up ;)

@obelix, aah, those comments too

@kunal, but you definitely havent lost the talent to write those fascinating short stories :)

@deep, yes indeed :D self-succeeding post? :P

@obelix, are you angering the dark lord? :P