Friday, December 25, 2009

new phase .... new look?

Yes, the look has changed. One fine day, I mean yesterday, I suddenly felt vexed with the blog. I decided to blame all my "writing blocks" and "writing droughts" on the blog. Life has changed, at least it is in the process of transformation, so why should the blog persist in its old dull look. Today morning, all the energies were gathered and focussed on this miscreant blog. Hence, the makeover.

Well yeah, life is changing, isn't it. The times are changing. Eh, no! I am not referring to the 2009 to 2010 change, the new year concept is so blasé. We are referring to the changes in circumstances- the progress from a student to a doctor to a jobless unemployed person. And we are revelling in the new situation. Me and my doctor self are enjoying the leisure immensely. Nevertheless, it is strange that even in such circumstances of having absolutely nothing to do, there are so many things to be done, that requiring a todo-list doesn't even sound like an exaggeration. Incredible are those atoms that make up tasks, works and such kind. Their ability to appear spontaneously, expand indefinitely and fill up any vacuum can only be comprehended by those victimised by it.

Anyways, any comments on the new look are welcome, any calls for the old look are prohibited. Any suggestions for improvement will most probably be politely ignored ;).


Axe said...

first :P

ghost said...

blog huh ? ..and i thought you put a photo of yourself with some crazy scary new punk look or something :P

hellboy said...

interesting :P .. now go watch some more movies ;) ..

thread said...

this post is full of blah

Anonymous said...

Unlike the person above, I find this post very entertaining. I'm saying this so that you don't get put off by negative comments! All hail the jobless (patientless ?) doctor.

deep said...

no doubt..this new look is quiet refreshing...and the picture above is really beautiful...did u clicked that???

skp said...

the best comments are posted by the anonymousE of this world !

fala faltu ! how dare you say I don't blahhg anymore !

captcha - bedin

Vandana said...

love the black theme and paper-y should change the title pic though :P

mythalez said...

@axe, congrats on being first :P

@ghost-runner, this blog follows a strictly no pics policy :P

@hellboy, would you suggest 'hellboy' ?? :P

@paccha, everything in the universe is just blah :P

@anonymouse, thankyou thankyou, false flattery causes no misery ;)

@deep, am not much of a photographer .. just shamelessly borrowed the pic :)

@pati, do you? do YOU?

@vandana, suggest ;)

Aravind Krishna K said...

need a new pic..