Monday, May 31, 2010

when you can't sleep tonight ...

Some days are meant to have a post written. The feeling does not leave you. The occasional restlessness, the frequent fidgeting, the rampant attention deficiency are all omens of such days. But because of the attention deficiency, you tend to not focus on it and try ignoring it for the whole day. And then you go to bed, an hour passes, and you realise you haven't fallen asleep yet. So you wake up and complete the movie that you had left midway because it wasn't good enough to deprive you of sleep, ironically. After staring blankly at the end credits, you try to go to sleep, again. This time it just takes a few minutes for you to realise that you are wide awake and staring at the tiny little green LED of the smoke detector attached to the roof. Wonder why it is green, shouldn't it be red instead? Anyway, this time you get up and switch on the laptop and not the TV like the previous time. Climb back into bed with it and start typing whatever comes to mind-- end up with this paragraph and whatever comes next!

Clear first drops fell
onto the cracked
mud; parched hell
of summer conquered |

Yellowing fruits snatched
and sold in bunches
at markets; devoured
at homes in lunches ||

While elsewhere,

Orange rays lingering
well past dinner to
constrict nights; limiting
sleep hours to very few |

Grey dark clouds gather
auguring drizzles that
bring back cold; rather
than those few days of warmth ||


Aravind Krishna K said...

good job.. back to reading the "Rama trademark" posts and poems... keep it up..

and now ...... SLEEP!

thread said...

Please don't post random poems.
Thank you.

Su said...

dude, are you ok?
Oh wait, redundant question

SRILAXMI said...

hey insomniac... :-)

mythalez said...

@AK, yes I really need to protect the brand, the style :P

@paccha, what should i do instead, mail them to you? :P

@Su, .........

@srilaxmi, whoa .. back from hibernation are we? :P