Saturday, August 14, 2010

at the front of my mind...

£ Celtic radio in the background ... why? no idea .. I was browsing through the options and this caught my fancy ... sounds very pleasant too!

£ Spent the whole day today feeling lost. Attempted to do many tasks. Mainly because I was in the office during the 'regular hours' and several different long pending works pleading for attention. But I couldn't stick to any of them. Tried to start each of them and failed at each of them. So left them all for another day ... a better day.

£ Thought I will watch a movie in the evening, perhaps 'Atonement', perhaps 'There will be blood' (those are two of the movies on my pc yet to be watched, waiting patiently for more than a year now). In the end, didn't watch either of those.

£ Will I be able to complete this post before the laptop runs out of juice? Just a few minutes left. Yes, the power cord is a bit far away from the sofa and am too lazy to get up now.

£ Just realised that I should savour tomorrow as it will be the last weekend I will be spending at home in Southampton for a while. The next such Saturday will mostly be the last one in September.

£ No more thoughts left. At least no more that could be extracted, dusted off and polished to coherence.

Letters struggle in places,
Words grudgingly together
Forming, deforming phrases
But meaning? Whither? Wither.


CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

ohhh....nicely one.....all d bst for your pending work.....hope you soon recover from the effect of this day "Friday-13th"......:P

thread said...

What's at the back of your mind? falafel?

SRILAXMI said...

hye mythalez...

u seem to have the knack of making mundane things into interesting posts... should learn that from u...!


Anonymous said...

as this random post does not need any more random comments, I'll simply say - "Change the theme.."

mythalez said...

@cynosure, hehe thanks!

@thread, isn't its right place in the stomach? :P

@srilaxmi, i think the interest also lies in the benevolent and patient reader ;)

@kunal, theme? background of the blog? or the literary content of the posts? :P