Sunday, November 14, 2010

"why art are you?"

This is a desperate attempt to placate the blog and persuade it not to abandon me. Yes, I am referring to Mythalez's blog. Given the recent inactivity, it has been feeling neglected and was making threatening remarks about moving out. I, of course, ridiculed her threats, mocking her by asking where she was intending to go. I even pointed out that if she did move away from me, Mythalez, to another author, would she still be called Mythalez's blog? I was thus, so arrogantly complacent. Of course, on one relatively calm day, she informed me that she had started planning our separation and has been actively browsing the blog-world for a suitable replacement of me. Before I could start off on another of my mocking rants, she calmly informed me that even after our separation, she would still be called Mythalez's blog, and therefore, her new author would be ordained Mythalez. That's when it hit me! With this separation, I would not only become blogless but also nameless! Whoever owned Mythalez's blog would be called Mythalez. I would just vanish. Much like Doctor Who, you know! The new guy becomes the doctor, and the old one turns into a mere question- who? Okay, I apologise for the trite attempt at humour, but coming back to point, I have decided to act before it is too late. Hence this post.

Now, coming to the actual content of the post rather than the motivation, I could have written about Amsterdam or even Copenhagen. In fact, I do need to write about them. But instead of making the effort of writing an articulate personalised description of these two famous cities in Northern Europe, I have plumped for a much easier genre-- an abstract post that outwits itself in its abstractness. Without this confession, it would seem that a great deal of thought and philosophy went into this post, and that it is open to great deal of interpretations, the best of which would be the author's. All that, my dear reader friends, is just a myth. Every abstract post is abstract because it essentially has no substance :P. No, I didn't mean that, that way. Let us just say that abstract posts are like neutron stars-- you know they are there; they aren't pretty or bright, but they are dense and heavy. More importantly, you do get gravitated towards them, quite strongly ;). So here we go-->

Indulgence you are. Exquisite indulgence. The outer clothing with the smooth combination of colours and the slight glitter tries its best to compliment the beauty it is veiling. With gentle persuasion, slowly emerges the elegance personification with the finely cut features emphasizing the slimness and the delicious delight contained. The multiple layers are snugly fit together, their differences imperceptible unless a part is broken off rudely. Perhaps the layers allude to the taste, the way the sweet and the bitter flirt in the mouth? Only if one is fortunate enough to experience, that is. And the other layer, the mysterious flavour, intangible and indescribable, yet, or maybe hence, holds the most attraction. Every intimacy, reintroduces one to ecstasy but also leaves with a nostalgic bitter after-taste. Something that would turn to melancholy if not for the reappearance and the re-indulgence another day.

Can never get enough of you, my generous slice of 85% cocoa! ... Hmm .. well .. finally, I seem to have used an actual metaphor, I guess? ;)


Halley said...

I wanted to write an abstract comment :( .. Will go with something simpler for now

This is to inform your blog that there is still some audience :)

agastyabhrata said...

Just a month and a ten days hiatus is enough to make you feel so bad about not posting? I suppose my blog must be crying!

thread said...

time to dump ur boring blog.

Vivek said...

O boy!

Anonymous said...

As abstract as the post is, the title seems way more abstract..

Anonymous said...

The hemorrhage of your wishes

Makes off under the miserable blue cheek

Of the time which takes place

Double of what they can do nothing

Be or not be

Such is the question

That is Sinusoidal

That is anchorite

And Hypochondriaque

Anonymous said...

But you say

But you say

That happiness is irreducible

And I say

And he says

That your hope is not so hopeless

On the condition of analyzing

That the absolute should not be


By delusive precariousness

Of Our love affairs

And that you should not give support

To Unreality

Under absent asperity

And disabused

Of thoughts of iconoclasts

And de-oxydized

By our excommunicated wishes

Of the fate


And vice versa

Ghost Runner said...

mythalez .... the ghost who blogs

so now tell me the truth what is your serial number ... is it 21st or 22nd ???


Hiran said...

Give importance to formatting your writings. Otherwise its very difficult to read :(

Aniket said...

My horribly dull day in the office just got a bit duller... Thanks

SRILAXMI said...

hi mythalez,

nice concept for a post to end the drought of writing on ur blog - can this post be called a 'metapost'... or a 'metablog' or smthng... oops... i guess i m making no sense here... but hope ur blog doesnt die... :-)

hoping to see more of u in the coming days...


the-think said...

Talk about stream of consciousness!

mythalez said...

@halley, please dont go the abstract way, there is no way back you know! :P

@sage, your blog is past crying, i think it gave in to a life of loneliness :P

@paccha, but then where will you comment? :P

@vivek, :P

@kunal, the title was written before the post :D

@anonymous, vice versa indeed :P

@ghost, serial number?

@hiran, dude .. what are you even talking about?!!

@aniket, my pleasure :P

@Sri, hehe .. i might call it 'mytha-post' ;)

@persephone, hehe .. indeed!