Saturday, December 04, 2010

I write because I can't !!

Lost track of life.
It's running away from me.
I chase it, I gasp behind it.
It appears, it teases and it hides,
tempting yet beyond reach.
Why don't I take control?
Why don't I bend it to my wishes?
That may be possible, but what are my wishes?
What if I bend it one way and turns out, other side they lay?

There is a lake that shines,
It glitters but it is shallow.
Inviting the beauty around,
it glows with an enchanting halo.
Drawn to it are all of us,
but we reach and muddle it
only to be caught in its whirlpool of unhappiness!

Those beyond capture might grin,
and even ridicule the apparent silliness
Yet someday, caught up in the same quagmire,
they seek help from the same mocked
and expect to be saved and delivered
because all they did was laugh and yet somehow, apparently, admire!

Once dry and on firm ground,
they might act as if all sound
and justify their actions and the eventual resolutions.
But we all know and so do they,
what happened is not causal or explanatory
Fate and destiny are but mere words for incomprehensibility!


thread said...

vogon poetry FAIL

ghost runner said...

ur philosophy essay
One out of pride or dismay ?
u turn the grammar array
To make a poem this way ?!?!? :P

kunal said...

not my cup of tea, give me the "snowy day" post again.. off to read that another time :)

mythalez said...

@paccha, sleep :P

@ghost-runner, bravo bravo! :P

@kunal, well, a short story next for you :P