Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Cars push through, drains overflow.
Some shutters down, some rise,
scenes fly past the busy eyes.
But do you see, he who goes slow?

Trudging along on his battered shoes.
Listless hands and a muddied face,
an antithesis to the surrounding race.
Carrying a pallid soul and many a bruise.

Alone he walks but isn't an only one.
Every turn, bodies stumble, souls die;
you may see them lying on the wayside.
But no time to spare; busy you are ... in your run.

On an unrelated note, the next post has to be on the trip to Hong Kong and Taiwan.


Anonymous said...

Is this poetry a way to tell the world that you've become fat and have started going on a morning run? :P

btw, it was a nice read :)

Vivek said...

Interesting read.

Nata-tat-tat said...

i'm just going to say that if you wrote that, that was really good and unique and I haven't read much like it. I mean I wish I could write poetry that moves someone. What was it about? I thought it was that we go through our busy lives but don't stop for those we need to care about or see the bigger picture.

Raam Pyari said...


mythalez said...

@kunal lol no .. that will never happen :P

@vivek, it took a while for you to come up with that :P

@nata-tat-tat interesting name :P yes, everything on my blog is my own creation (except for the template, that is borrowed and 'customised' :P) and yeah, you have understood it correctly, more or less :)

@raam pyari, :)