Monday, November 26, 2012

Six Degrees of Ignorance

1. Initially you are not really aware that you are ignorant.

2. Next you feel that you are ignorant but that everyone else knows everything.

3. Then you think you know everything and that everyone else knows everything too.

4. Later you realise that you know almost nothing.

5. Following that, you discover that everyone else knows nothing much either.

6. Finally it dawns upon you that all this knowing and unknowing doesn't really matter. It is all just blah.


For another dose of such pointless wisdom, you may visit this old post ;).


Aravind Krishna K said...

good one... applies the same to ur blogposts ;-)

diatriblog said...

I wish I were ignorant about the existence of this post :P

thread said...

u suck

kunal said...

I am enlightened!

The Atom said...

hehe interesting :) Have replied to your comment on mines the blogs.. :P unless you'd rather ignore of course :D

mythalez said...

@aravind, for my blogposts? wouldn't it be arrogance rather than ignorance? :P

@diatriblog, bliss is hard to maintian :P

@paccha, :P

@kunal, :P i do what i can :P

@atom, replies are good .. replies are in short supply :)