Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Bored as Hell

What shud i do ?
I m bored to death. Its so strange that i feel bored only when i need to do some work.
Now I need to learn java :(( . How long wud it take ? I need to select a good book first. Also i hope i am able to complete that job before Prof Camel fails to recognise me...
Or shud I be the my usual lazy self and try to do it in c++ ? But its always better to learn java rite.
Wat shud i do now.......

Here i am waiting
staring into the unlit
blinded by the sting
of the sudden light.

shielding my eyes
i try to pierce it
how much ever it tries
my eyes couldnt see a bit.

the sun may not have risen
flowers may not have bloomed
the birds may not have woken
but that is just a token

fact was that it was brighter
then a day could ever hope to be
the light wasnt just that,
it was too bright to see !

finally it dimmed
a silhoute formed
the light slimmed
but a small fire still burned .

The light started wavering
or was it my eyes..
i started quivering
or were they all lies ?

Then the darkness flooded
through the center of the scene
like a small island
shining out of a big ocean

Reducing the strain
on my much abused eye
relieved of the pain
i gave a quiet sigh

Blinding was the light
darkness i wanted .
reading this poem
a good many fainted !

Wow now i feel satisfied
havin tortured you with this piece of literature..........

Bye for now


agastyabhrata said...

Now my dear fellow, this is history.

June 30 2005 seems a good day to comment.

A good poem, by all means sounds good to read it aloud.