Thursday, July 15, 2004

My hands arent in my control !

My fingers are typing on their own. They are finding the keys n pressing them as they reach them.
So whatever nonsense u maybe reading, dont blame me for wasting your time. Anyway i dont think anyone is going to read this anyway. Hey also i cant understand why i try to write in proper english. My Chat English tries to subjugate its alter-ego, but i try to fight it back.
Well should i stop the hostilities and let the english go awry ?? I dont know. Anyway i cant do anything now since my fingers arent listening to me anyway. I read a few more blogs n in some the bloggers were talking about serious global issues like Weapons of Mass Destruction, Global Warming and other such blah blah...
Maybe they were practising their journo skills. But they are atleast in a much better position then me.I have no idea what i should write about. I am writing this since i have nuttin else to do now ;)
So i got this wonderful website which has all the Calvin n Hobbes strips, so i have something to do in the lab when i have no work.
Well if i have no work then why am i in the lab ? This is a question whose answer is in the question itself. What are such questions called ? My fingers seem to be blabbering some really nonsensical gibberish. Anyhow atleast they are able to do something that i wasnt capable of.

I recently read the current best seller Alchemist. It was sort of story which inherently has self help tips. Something similar to Who moved my Cheese. But much better, also quite gripping. Should be finished in 1 sitting, or even standing or lying down whichever way u please. The second last para before the epilogue was the best.

I would now like to read the other best seller- The Da Vinci Code.
Leonardo da Vinci, what a person, I wonder how he had the time to do all the things that he did.
Yeah i know, He never shaved.
R my hands never going to stop ? Well maybe i should force them. Coercing doesnt seem to work.
Maybe they will keep on typing until i leave. But for that, the idiotic damn slow program has to end. But this program seems to be NP hard.

Another paragraph but the same old stuff. Seriously i dont think anyone continues blogging for more than a few months. But then again, what do i know.
[Flash News: This is the biggest blog of mine so far]
Well then lets make it even BIGGER. So i ll let loose my fingers now.
Lrf Lrf, Ur unf yrg hf serr, Jr ner yvorengrq. Vf vg ernyyl gehr be ner jr va n qernz ? Yrgf Pryroengr !!! Pbz'ba yrgf uni n Cnegl Genynynyn STOP
They have really gone berserk. We can never trust our fingers. Who knows what language they use. It certainly didnt seem like a lang that is used by humans.
Hey wait a minute, I think they use rot13. How do i know ? Well, Afterall they R my fingers right.

Starting yet another paragraph. God save the reader. But is there a god ? Oh no another topic is rearing its ugly head.
Maybe there is. The program has just ended........I can go to the hostel now.........
But i need to end this big blog on some note. So how should i end it ? By asking a earth shattering question ? Or by just saying a simple goodbye ? The second choice would be preferable. I shoudnt attempt anything destructive. Well so here we go.
Nah it was too simple. This blog deserves something more. What can that be ?
Hey i want to go to room now. But something is holding me back. My hope. My feeble attempts. i better submit this before theres some error with the connection. Its really beahving weirdly these days

So bye my suffering reader


Anonymous said...

i had my eyebrows raised all the time...& i did read the whole thing!!!