Sunday, August 08, 2004

I m tryin my hands in some deeeeeep stuff

As i was going, passing peacefully through life, there appears the inevitable. The ripple spread slowly through me. Coolly sliding along i was, and the land disappeared. But nevertheless it pricked even the farthest neuron. I came across a cliff and i had no wings. But preoccupied as i was, the tingling sensation bypassed my consciousness. Coming to a dead end, i couldnt do anything, or so i thought. However, slowly the ripple grew to a wave. I could have done anything, i was just hesitant to even consider any alternatives other than blaming my fate. And the wave grew in velocity, quicker and quicker it was heading towards ... . Then i just got so irritated at my helplessness, that i felt really frustrated. I looked up, at just the wrong moment. Well, in my case frustration leads to boredom. And i had more than a mouthful. I tried to distract myself and tried to forget my flaws, if there were any. Suffocated though i was, what was appalling was that no one even approached me to help. But as the adage that never went anywhere says, 'The more you try, the more you fail.' Picking up myself and the pieces of my shattered ego, i moved on. So failling i continued until i faced more boredom.

Writing i continued until i lost the connection