Saturday, January 14, 2006

Things to do before leaving IIIT ...

Recently my students login was blocked because some stupid mail was sent from it to students. And that set me thinking ... What are the few things that i ought to do before i become another alumnus of IIIT ? The first one among them i.e getting my login was blocked was already achieved. I consulted with a few friends and here is a partial list that i came up with .. This list is specific to me and should not be taken as a standard by others. :P

* Send spam to students list and get login blocked ... [done]
* Give a press conference ... [done] (done twice :D)
* Drink, drink to the point of unconsciousness ... [waiting] (never even drank till now)
* Have a tiff with a professor ... [done]
* Quarrel with a senior ... [done]
* Have a physical fight with someone ... [waiting] (would i survive?)
* Go on a date with a girl ... [waiting]
* Conduct, invigilate and evaluate exams ... [done] (many many times)
* Go on a foreign tour ... [done]
* Learn a foreign language ... [waiting]
* Be incharge of a fest ... [done] (so what if it was a tech one)
* Represent the institute ... [done] (twice :D)
* Stand in elections ... [done] (twice again! )
* Do something and face the Disco (Disciplinary Comm)... [waiting] (but i should come out unscathed too!)
* Face an interview ... [done]
* Grow my hair long ... [done]

Any suggestions or additions to the list?


Pranav said...

I can help you with the physical fight :p

Anonymous said...

that was a wierd post....

one more suggestion

*gfu[doing always yet incomplete]

Anonymous said...

write a post without :p or :D

Kaizer Suzeh said...


the-think said...

DRINK! And get down to it fast! hehehe

Lord of all Things said...

- dance naked in fronm of the directors office..
-leak out the juniors question papers.
- snap the elctricity lines for a day.
-put fire crackers in the toilet
-try to make ravishankar post!
for mor destructive suggestions plz contact me ..:D

the-think said...

*comes with an update register* so...what have you done about the drinking?

mythalez said...

@sage: i dont think so .. :P

@anon1: wat have i ever done to u ??

@anon2: now thats a tough task to ask of me :P

@SUzeh: as of now .. it does seem so

mythalez said...

@persephone: well, thats the first thing on my list :D

@lord: the suggestions r too umm.. radical to my liking? btw, i did try to do the last one in your list ... partially succeeded :D

@persephone again: well, abt the drinking .. yeah i did it and did it quite well :)