Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Nope .. havent quit blogging

Dashing the hopes of some (particularly SUzeh), i am back. So, why havent i posted for so long? To tell the truth, i had nothing to say. This doesnt mean that i always had something to say when i blog ... but i was never in the mood of writing these past few weeks. The character William Forrester of Finding Forrester (played by Sean Connery) who is a well-known reclusive writer says, "When you write, write. Dont think." This had been the maxim for most of my posts. Recently however, i have started to post only when there was something worth to be told. Hence, havent blogged since long as nothing worth blogging has happened. No .. dont let your hopes rise, nothing interesting has happened now either.

Meanwhile, The congress mela happened adjacent to the insti .. had to crisscross a lot of politicians those two days ... made me feel exasperated that these are the people ruling our country and who will continue to rule the country (referring to politicians as such .. not to congress specifically). And yeah, like all good citizens, i shake my head, walk my way and forget all about it.
Meanwhile, co-authored a poster paper, then a research paper (will it be accepted?) and now have to write a team description paper.
Felicity came and went, this time was free enough to participate in the events ... and garner some money.
This is getting boring .. lets try some innovation (a very abused buzz word)

And so, ... walked away.


playboi said...

"Felicity came and went"
some interesting things happened .. lets put some light on that . shall we ?

The optimist from utopia said...

No comments on the felicity.. Yes, I am diplomatic :D
btw thou hast been tagged.. please check my blog for more details..
I am sure you'll love the tag >:)

the-think said...

"When you write, write. Don't think"
Love this. Had so many layers for me! ;))

mythalez said...

@playboi: ahem ahem ... let there be darkness all around :D

@optimist: comments on felicity .. umm not here .. and hav seen the tag ... u need jus 5 !! :D

@persephone: yeah, me loved it too :)