Friday, April 07, 2006

Good morning!!

After time immemorial, the day has come again! I was asleep before 12 in the night!! And yeah woke up at 5:30 am. But being awake at this time is nothing new to me. I have been able to eat breakfast daily for the last 7-10 days .. no .. i wasnt the good boy who wakes up in the morning, rather i was eating breakfast .. then going to bed. But today it shall be different.

It was soo dark just a couple of minutes ago and now it suddenly looks as if it were twilight. Early mornings are still enhanting though I have been enjoying them daily since the past few days, but then their magic never seems to wear off.

Its not that I am alone and bored in my wing, many of my wingmates and pseudo wingmates are still awake playing age or watching 24 etc. Dont know whats a pseudo wingmate? All those who technically dont belong to the wing but stay here most of their hostel time anyway ... we have many such people. Guess thats what brings colour to our wing.