Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Farewell ... now wat?

So, in a few weeks, we are expected to leave the institute. Most of my friends know where they are going to be. At max, they may change the company that they are currently placed in. Some of them know the institutes that they may join. But what about me? I dont even know the country I may end up in!! The whole process of this MS/Phd applications and the resultant irritations and frustrations certainly tempts the mind to question whether it is all worth it. The most major question is the financial aid part .. if you are not offered aid initially, you would have to spend atleast 5-8 Lakhs for the first semester (depending on the univ) and then hoping to get something for the next semester. Why all that when it is much easier to get MS admission here in IIIT that too with a income like 6K per month? Want of a new and better place?? Greater exposure and tougher competition? I have no idea.

Another major question that has once again started plaguing my mind is why am I even going for further studies? This last 3-4 sems, i have realised that I have totally lost the patience and zeal to sit, listen and learn in classes. On the other hand, I have gained interest in working on some problems and trying to solve them. Yeah, thats what Phd is all about, you may say, but most of MS or the first two years of Phd in any US univ would only involve taking courses and attending classes. Am I cut up to that now?? I seriously have no idea.

My earlier reasoning used to be, you have to do a job all your life anyway, why hurry now, why not spend more time studying? But somehow, now I ask, you have to do job anyway rite, why go through all this trouble .. why not get into job right away? Either way, it all depends on how you perform ... but then how you perform also depends on what you need to perform!! AAh ... its all a big tangle .. thats what it is.


AK-84 said...

The decision of going over for PHD abroad is perfect for a person like you. It's jes a matter of time. ALl you need is a lil patience to wait for the results. Good luck.. kisi ne kaha hai - "sabr ka fal meetha hota hai"..

Vasant said...

Welcome to the real world :D. I guess its just a phase everyone goes through. Finally, somewhere down the line, you'll (hopefully) discover the answers. Baz Luhrmann is so true.

Maybe you should talk to PJN. He had a lot of helpful views when we were struggling with the same questions.

Sreejith said...

in my view the only solution is to keep changing the kind of job you do every now and then. but then you wouldnt be very successful at the jobs. In the end maybe it all boils down to what is important to you in life. finding happiness in success or finding success in happiness :) life is such a mess!!

kunal said...

Remember RDB?
college ke gate ke is paar hum duniya ko nachate hai aur us paar duniya hume...
Put on your dancing shoes :P
Anyways, life is good once you find work that you love; although finding that may take a life-time

Anonymous said...

A guy like u should do ms/phd and
that too from a good university not from here.
u will surely get admission in one of the best
universities.All the best :)

mythalez said...

@ak-84, Wat is this person like me? :-s .. everyone seems to say this that phd is perfect for a person like me .. and the patience .. well it doesnt seem to be payin anything at all

@vasant, thanks .. well am planning to talk to Dr. Kamal (my honors advisor)

mythalez said...

@sreejith, finding happiness ..aah .. isnt that the key to nirvana in life or something :D

@kunal, "although finding that may take a life-time" thats wat i am afraid of :)

@anonymous: aah finally a good anon, was getting sick of the critic anon types :D .. i wud seriously like to know more abt this guy like me .. thanks for the wishes :)

AK-84 said...

See, that's getting impatient.. trust me, jes wait and watch.. And to know abt a person like u, check the testi that i wrote for u baby :-)