Monday, June 05, 2006

Let there be a post !!

On my way, I went to heaven
found my solace among the immortal men

Then chanced upon an angel, you see
her mere smile made my heart glee

We had wonderful moments together
enjoying all and sundry weather

The heaven and woman didnt suit me fine
to be back on earth, I did pine

Weirdly, an opening came my way
back to earth, my path lay

The angel accompanined me
the mortal world she wanted to see

But as she set foot on the ground
she was sold for many a pound

In retrospection, I was wrong
shouldnt have brought her along.

... This took less than 5 minutes ... am too sleepy to even make sense of what it means or even to see whether it atually means any sense ... good night!!


Atul Dwivedi said... hai

kunal said...

What is the name of that movie where Nicolas Cage, an angel becomes a human to be with Meg Ryan?
Your poem reminds me of that movie... :)

Anonymous said...

who the hell cares if u took 5 mins or 5 years?

the-think said...

Ooh! Do I see a nice lady makin an entrance to your life?
:) nice verse

yash said...

kya din aa gaye hain ..
you went to swizz.. and i come to know abt it through your blog ..
You are such an ..
Get me some swizz chocs when you go next time

And btw this took less than a minute :))

yash said...

Did you meet her there ??

mythalez said...

@atul, thanku thanku

@kunal, u referring to 'city of angels' . twas a nice movie :)

@anonmouse, I do :D

@persephone, do u? I dont seem to .. :(

@yash, i think u went home before it was finalised ... next time? kitne baar jaunga yaar ... meet whom? i met none .. its jus fiction!!