Sunday, October 22, 2006


Yeah, Southampton does celebrate Diwali. The sounds had been ceaseless for quite a few hours.

The whole occasion of diwali, wishing happy birthday to one of the closest friends, chatting with another after so many months, a sky devoid of lights and rockets, unavailability of amma's gulabjamun and a couple of exquisitely beautiful verses of Vikram Seth have all conspired to make me homesick .. and yeah they suceeded.

However, spent the day quite enjoyably with a couple of my new friends ... and yeah watching a movie with them on the pc in my room did remind me of room 23@obh.

And yeah, I have been listening only to country music since watching that movie about Johnny Cash .. 'Walk the line' .


Sankalp said...

can you put up those vikram seth verses, please?

navya said...

Awww .. Rama got homesick ...

Su said...

ah homesick i see!
we are acting like babies, bangal puts his status mesg, and everyone who sees it starts crying like the baby-cry-induction method

yeah dude, even i feel homesick (never felt that before), but what can u do? make this home!

wasnt that soothing?
yeha i know, it sucked.
but dont be a sissy, go hooliganise some ppl, if not anything else, the brits can do atleast that

Anonymous said...

you're welcome! :D

mythalez said...

@sankalp, happy? :P

@navya, aww :P

@su, bah .. bushies :P

@cc, no thanks!! :P

Sreejith said...

Walk the line was really good. I just have to listen to 'Folsom Prison Blues' and 'Jackson' every single day :)