Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A new post for today

I just feel like posting something today. But with nothing to talk about, no incidents to narrate or create :D, I guess I would have to get along by making up some phrases which rhyme. ...

It was miles and miles away.
It was bright summer may.
she looked up at the blue sky
cringing her face at the beautiful day

She skipped, she hopped along.
She sang, she whistled a song.
Wished that she wouldn't reach soon,
yet hoping that it wouldn't be too long.

Soon, she locates him in the distance.
He standing there, leaning onto a fence.
She marches quickly upto him
and hands over to him, his telescopic lens.

She then walks back to the shop.
she has to get back to the mop.
cleaning all day, she longs for
the little break to again pop.

Ahem ...


navya said...

Ahem Ahem ! ;)

Simeen said...

dont inflict such torture on us da! :P

mythalez said...

@navya, ahem ahem :P

@simeen, now that reinvigorates my zeal to come up with more such stuff :P

Sreejith said...

i like this poem if that guy was you :)