Monday, November 20, 2006

another sunday .. another free day

An unconstrained word, floating in space
cavorting around, jumping from place to place
bringing joy to some and pain to some other face

--- No, not another abstract poem? ./restart

My dear boy! come and sit down,
your uncle-aunt are here,
talk to them about this, that and the town

No, no mama, I need to, want to go,
here, there, any some where
to sit with them, would be a big bore

Shut up boy! thats not how you speak
what could be more interesting?
than a chat with aunt fatty and uncle sleek?

A game with friends? a cartoon show?
all that uncle-aunt talk about
is about their times, their farm and their cow.

They are great experienced people,
you should listen to them
they teach you to live life, grand and simple.

I want to live my own life, make my own mistakes
not follow a well lit defined path
unpredictability is the form that pleasure in life takes

To not learn from others makes you a fool
your life neednt be pre-determined
but faltering at the same places, wont make it cool

My dear mother and son, stop fighting over us
boy! we brought you a chocolate
so come here, take it and stop making a fuss.

Oh dear! everything we said, you could hear?
the silly boy is very young
dont mind him, all his ideas are weird and queer

Oh! sorry my dear uncle and aunty,
I didnt mean you were boring
Its just that I was trying to be naughty. :)

-- I need to write that post about my london trip .. soon before I forget!


Balakrishna Chennupati said...

wat's with uncle, aunt and their farm cow, visiting somebody in the countryside ?

kunal said...

./restart ... thanks :D
the abstract is useless unless you know the premise :P ..

Karan said...

what r u reffering 2?

Anonymous said...


pranav said...

My Dear Boy! That's kind of good :)

Sreejith said...

I wonder what was that 'unconstrained word' which sparked off this outburst.

And just because you dont call this abstract doesn't mean its not! You did manage to drop a couple of uncomfortable questions with "unpredictability is the form that pleasure in life takes" and with "but faltering at the same places, wont make it cool"

mythalez said...

@balakrishna, nope .. havent visited any countryside yet ..

@kunal :D

@karan, nothing in particular :D

@anonymous, o my dear mouse .. why do u consider urself so gay?

@sage, :D really?

@sreejith, uncomfortable questions make interesting pieces of literature :P

Su said...

this is gory!