Friday, November 03, 2006

Yet another ....

Not busy, but no leisure
restless without a cause.
Afraid of the future
cant step out of the house.

Living in a mystery
waiting to be aroused.
Searching for the elusive light
when everything is doused.

Then, burst out the sparkle
bright as the lightning.
A faint hint of hope,
a renewed zeal igniting.

The final radiant glimmer
before fading into eternity,
a last struggle for life
before slipping into apathy.

This comes to you from the lab. For the first time, tried writing something when surrounded by people moving about here and there.


Balakrishna said...

looks like moving people turn you on :p, I like the poem.

Kunal said...

one of your better works... continue in the same literary vein :)

Karan said...

hey.. never knew that u wrote poetry as well.. neways.. wats with u. three poems in the last 4 posts.. hmmm.. liked this one :)

playboi said...

your past two posts have been Gay and Gay-er. Should we expect Gay-est soon?

A k said...

pani leni mangalodu ante evara anukunna... dorikadu finally :P.. 1000 pounds enduku bhe neeku monthly, tokkalo poems rayatam tappa em cheyatledu..

Anandika said...

hey...nice poetry Mr...
This feature "Visit again....also, do check out the archives" is something that i haven't ever seen in the loads of blogs i read,jus felt like mentioning!!
This is my first visit to u'r blog and i'm looking forward to read all the posts when i find some time!!
Btw,the "Encounter" is a nice one:)

mythalez said...

@balakrishna, eh? wat u mean? :P .. thanku thanku

@kunal, ahan ^:)^

@karan, never knew? Look at my previous posts da .. all of them brimming with poems.

mythalez said...

@playboi, nah .. that would come frm ur 'tall teachings' :P

@ak, :D

@anandika, welcome .. thanku .. see u again? next time do leave a link to ur blog (incase u write as well as read blogs)

Sreejith said...

"Restless without a cause" ... reminds me of "rebel without a cause" :)