Saturday, January 20, 2007

A post by a PhD student

Yeah, I am doing a PhD. Its been almost 5 months now. Many people do ask me what it is all about. And I give hazy fuzzy answers like it is about research, about trying to create/discover/prove something new, something never done before and blah blah :D. As about my work, I knew what area I was dabbling in, what kind of problem I was looking at and so on but didnt have much of a clue on how to go about it. Yeah, I did falter these 5 months, spent time on things which are somewhat irrelevant now, spent some more time on doing things which at that time seemed quite big and important but now appear insignificant. Most of the significant things were done in a day or two. Anyway, I can safely say that now I do know what I am trying to do and how I should go about doing it. Yeah, the path is slowly making itself visible. And yeah, it looks like I shall enjoy walking/running/stumbling/faltering on it :D. And maybe even get lost midway :). Well, thats what Phd is all about. Discover something about the world and at the same time discover something about yourself .. (shouldnt I be giving out this gyaan once I complete the phd .. and not while starting it? :D)

And yeah, I should be changing this template soon. Got kind of bored with it.
And yeah, finally I have written a normal general post after a long long time. No stories, long accounts or 'poetry'! :D
And yeah, I try to bypass the popular PS trend with this 'And yeah' phrase :D


Karan said...

"Discover something about the world and at the same time discover something about yourself " ccol maan.. av u succedded so far :P ?
Btw, "and yeah" sucks when compared to PS :P

playboi said...

taking reference from our chat yesterday, ooo boy, some is getting sentier by the day

Maruti said...

Nice post ;) but the phdcomics says somethin else abt phd :P .. check this out

by the way "and yeah" looks cool :)

skp said...

@rao : can't u rite a single sentence without any dumb errors !! ??

@PhD-Candidate :: dood don't make raise eyebrows about PhD !! /:) /:)

SRILAXMI said...

hey (budding)Dr. (Ram)

all the best for ur study.


Su said...

its all piled higher and deeper dude!
u suck nonetheless

hark! blatant plagiarism from phdcomics. sheesh, stop blogging and keep reading those atleast

the-think said...


mythalez said...

@karan .. am still doing phd man .. jus started infact :D

@playboi .. u and ur wrong conclusions!! :P

@maruti .. dude .. ofcourse I know abt phd comics .. I have read all of em .. and yeah I read them before I decided to do phd :P

mythalez said...

@skp, u knw rao rite :D and btw lol .. ur statement wasnt perfect either :P

@srilaxmi, thanks .. howz ur management coming along?

@su, I hav read them all .. and no ur wish of me not bloggin shall never be fulfilled :P

@persephone, yeah yeha :P